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Wine Tasting in Yorkshire at Holmfirth Vineyard

By Caroline Towers – 20th June 2021
Wine Tasting in Yorkshire at Holmfirth Vineyard

When you think of Yorkshire drink makers, wine probably isn’t one of the first things you think of. In fact, England as a whole isn’t usually at the top of your list of winemakers but there are over 500 wine producers across the UK, including here in Yorkshire at Holmfirth. Not only do they produce wine but you can even go wine tasting in Yorkshire at Holmfirth Vineyard.

The vineyard itself is situated just out of the village of Holmfirth in West Yorkshire. Holmfirth is most famous for the TV show Last of the Summer Wine. It is high up in the hills, not the typical place or climate where you would expect to find grapes growing. It’s a nice 10-minute drive from the village and we arrived in a taxi – The best way so everyone can enjoy some wine!

Wine Tasting in Yorkshire at Holmfirth Vineyard

We arrived for lunch and enjoyed a delicious 2-course meal with a view. The restaurant is glass-fronted and you have a stunning view of the rolling hills.

The food was delicious and matched up to the view, I would return just for the garlic mushroom starter, it was so good! We had pre-booked our table for a couple of hours before the wine tour so we didn’t need to rush.

We were fairly fortunate with the weather. As long as it’s dry the tour starts outside and we walked through the vines to an area where we could learn about the background of the vineyard. It’s a good idea to wear some sensible shoes as the paths are a little bit uneven.

We had a great host who shared how Holmfirth Vineyard was able to grow grapes and produce wine.

For the second part of the tour and the important part, the wine tasting, we moved inside. Here were learnt the process of winemaking for the 3 wines Holmfirth Vineyard makes. Currently, in Holmfirth, they produce white, rose and red. As part of the tour, we were able to try them all.

In all honesty, I was a little apprehensive about Yorkshire wines but they were all really nice, so good we struggled to decide which wine to buy to bring home.

If you’re looking to do something different for an afternoon and you like wine then the Holmfirth Vineyard wine tour is worth a visit. As well as lunch and dinner they have a popular afternoon tea and even have accommodation on the grounds.

For more information visit: https://holmfirthvineyard.com/


Caroline x


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