Vicky Jones

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All About Vicky



Born and bred Yorkshire, I fell in love with Sheffield when I moved from York in 2002 to undertake a business and marketing degree at Hallam University and my heart has never left the city. I thought I was destined for London. But after a 15-month stint in the Smoke during my degree, where I was so skint I had to loiter around supermarkets at closing time to raid the whoopsie shelves and was rationed to one Weetabix for breakfast, I gratefully returned to Sheff where people openly talk to strangers and it’s ok to eat chips with gravy.

I met my husband Warren on my very last night living in Sheffield after finishing my degree through my passionate hate for RnB music. We got married in Sheffield in 2013, and our daughter Emily crashed into our lives a year later.

Twins descended upon us in August 2018 and life has been a little more intense since then.

I’ve always been active and outdoorsy. I’ve been lucky enough to climb Kilimanjaro, run the London marathon and cycle across France into Paris all for a charity close to my heart. I used to do triathlons and open water swimming, but this has gone by the wayside of late….

Other things I love: eating, music, arty stuff and talking. My years of going to Glasto are completely numbered, but I do try to get out to see bands and DJ’s… there is literally nothing better than dancing to live music with a beer in hand.

And now I’m now Girl about Sheffield. I love discovering new and great things about Sheffield and sharing my stories, so being part of the Girl About Blog Squad is perfect!

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10 Random Facts About Me


    1. I didn’t discover my curls until I was 17 when I decided to not brush my hair one day.
    2. I met my husband on my very last day living in Sheffield after finishing my degree through my passionate hate for RnB music.
    3. I lost my brother when he was 23 and serving in Afghanistan. It turned our worlds upside down.
    4. In honour of him, I and my family have raised over £100,000 for Help For Heroes. We climbed Kilimanjaro cycled across France and I also did a half ironman…. none of which I ever want to do again.
    5. On a whim, I entered the London Marathon and got a ballot space in 2010. I couldn’t even run 1k when I found out. Nine years later I did the same thing and got ANOTHER BALLOT SPACE and will be running the London marathon 2020.
    6. I’ve worked for Arup for over 12 years and I’m the marketing manager for the UK, India, Middle East and Africa region. It’s a brilliant company and we have an awesome office in Sheffield.
    7. I somehow ended up being Deputy Head Girl at school, despite being a rogue at times.
    8. I love Japan and used to be able to speak and read a bit of katakana. It’s absolutely top of my list of places to visit so have been slowly influencing my family to join my love in their food, culture and art.
    9. I hate packaged egg sandwiches. I like eggs but no amount of money would ever let a premade sarnie pass my lips.
    10. I’m half kiwi! My dad is a kiwi and when he was a kid, travelled on a boat to England which took 6 weeks!