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Your ULTIMATE guide to places to eat on Bold Street Liverpool

By Claire Fitzpatrick – 11th April 2020
Your ULTIMATE guide to places to eat on Bold Street Liverpool

Hungry? Desperate to get out of the house? This directory is a great place to start. I’ve put together a guide of some of the best independently owned places to eat on Bold Street Liverpool – including those with outdoor seating as restrictions ease. Hurrah!

Over the years, Bold Street has become one of Liverpool’s best places to visit if you’re looking to explore what the city has to offer in terms of food, speciality coffee houses and other local independent businesses.

Bold Street itself connects the city to the historic Georgian Quarter, student-centric Knowledge Quarter and hip Ropewalks district, so it’s pretty much the main thoroughfare, leading you down into Liverpool One towards the gorgeous Albert Dock and cool Baltic Triangle. 

If you’re new to Liverpool, it’s an easy to navigate and friendly city, best explored on foot. And locals will testify to the fact that it’s almost impossible to walk down Bold Street without bumping into someone you know – but that’s the beauty of Liverpool. 

‘Liverpool Without Walls’ – places to eat on Bold Street with outdoor seating


Our hospitality sector has taken some beating in the last 12 months, but the ‘Liverpool Without Walls’ project, backed jointly by Liverpool City Council and the Liverpool BID Company, finally gave Bold Street the chance to be the fully pedestrianised, European dining destination it deserves to be. 

Introduced last summer, Liverpool Without Walls reimagines the city under social distancing and gives businesses on Bold Street (and Castle Street) opportunities to boost trading with the addition of outdoor space. Ready for us all to enjoy as restrictions ease and the weather gets warmer.


So, where are the best places to eat Bold Street?  Here’s my Bold Street directory! 


Bombed Out Church

St Luke’s, the ‘bombed out church’ is located at the top of Bold Street and is one of the most unique places to visit in Liverpool. It has a bar, monthly weekend market and pop-up cinema – check out their events programme for more info.

Best for: Family-friendly, dog-friendly outdoor seating with drinks and street food.

Outdoor seating? Yes! It’s a fully outdoor venue.

More info: https://www.facebook.com/BOCGardenBar/ 


Cafe Tabac

Established in Liverpool in 1974, Cafe Tabac has been at the heart of Liverpool’s bohemian cafe/bar scene for over 40 years and a permanent feature of Bold Street.

Best for: American-style breakfasts, late night tunes, Parisian bohemian vibe. 

Outdoor seating? Yes! Seating and table service from April 12. 

More info: https://www.facebook.com/cafetabaciverpool/ 


The Italian Club Fish, The Italian Club and Italian Club Bakery

The ‘Italian club family’ has an amazing fish restaurant at the top of Bold Street, a deli-style restaurant further down and a bakery round the corner – family-run and authentically Italian.

Best for: Fantastic fish dishes from oysters to an Italian take on fish and chips; deli-style lunches; great cakes and coffee. 

Outdoor seating? Yes! Seating and table service from April 12. 

More info: https://www.theitalianclubfamily.com/ 


The Little Shoe Restaurant and Micro Bakery 

Independent, family-run brasserie in Liverpool with a no-fuss approach; local and seasonal menu. 

Best for: Everything looks good here, starting with brunch, bar snacks and cocktails, to meals from the Brasserie.

Outdoor seating? TBC, check the website or follow @littleshoeliv for updates. 

More info: https://www.thelittleshoeliverpool.co.uk/ 


Bold Street Coffee 

Speciality coffee house which takes its name from this iconic street; artsy without being pretentious, warm and inviting. 

Best for: A great choice of beans and I love their breakfast menu.

Outdoor seating? Yes!

More info: https://www.boldstreetcoffee.co.uk/ 



Spacious and buzzing tea house, eatery and meeting place started in Liverpool in 2007 by a group of friends. A multi-purpose venue on Bold Street with lots going on (check out their venue on Smithdown Road too.)

Best for: Wide selection of teas and daytime lunches that turn into evening drinks. 

Outdoor seating? Yes! From April 12 with table service.

More info: https://www.thisisleaf.co.uk/ 



Parisian styled, Middle Eastern inspired bar/restaurant, in their original spot on Bold Street but check out their sister restaurant at the Albert Dock too. 

Best for: Small plates and cocktails. 

Outdoor seating? Yes! From May 17 and Dockside from April 12. 

More info: https://maray.co.uk/ 


Kasbah Cafe Bazaar 

Exotic and authentic place that transports you from Bold Street to the Moroccan casbah; extensive, fresh and delicious menu.

Best for: Mezze, Moroccan breakfasts, baklava and I love theMoroccan mojito mocktail. 

Outdoor seating? Yes! From April 12.

More info: http://www.kasbahcafebazaar.co.uk/ 



Inspired by upmarket New York diners, this space in Liverpool is family-friendly and has a cool and clean tiled interior.

Best for: award-winning roast dinners, plus milkshakes and fried chicken. 

Outdoor seating? Yes! From April 12.

More info: https://www.slimsboldstreet.co.uk/ 


Ropes & Twines 

Purveyors of ‘excellent wine, coffee and conversation’ – a lovely little bolt hole in the middle of Bold Street Liverpool.

Best for: I should say coffee but I’m going to say wine – follow on Instagram to learn more.

Outdoor seating? Hopefully by the end of April, check @ropesandtwines for updates. 

More info: http://www.ropes-and-twines.co.uk/ 


Kassap Meat House

Sometimes, only steak will cut it and at Kassap you can expect mouth-watering meat options from the resident chef-butcher, in a casual but elegant setting – a great place to eat on Bold Street.

Best for: Red meat and cocktails.

Outdoor seating? Yes! From April 12.

More info: https://www.kassap.co.uk/ 


Ban di Bul Korean BBQ 

Cute place serving authentic Korean cuisine with lanterns and cherry blossom decor.

Best for: On-table BBQ, hotpot and kimchi.

Outdoor seating? TBC – but takeaway is available and fully open again in May.

More info: https://www.bandibulliverpool.co.uk/ 



Popular Italian Neapolitan style pizzeria with a great menu including GF bases.

Best for: Err, pizza of course! Also has some great authentic Italian craft beers.

Outdoor seating? Yes! Also check out their place in Woolton for a larger seating area.

More info: https://www.crustliverpool.co.uk/ 


Johnny English Fish & Chips

An upgrade on the traditional English chippy with indoor seating. 

Best for: Fluffy chips and flaky fish, and ‘the best mushy peas you’ve ever tasted’ – and they honestly were! 

Outdoor seating? TBC – but open for takeaway.

More info: @johnnyenglishlpool



Sociable space with long trestle tables and an informal, all vegetarian Indian street food menu with lots of vegan choices too.

Best for: I loved the bhaji butty, the craft beer and posters on the walls 🙂

Outdoor seating? Yes! From April 12. 

More info: http://bundobust.com/ 


La Parilla Mexican Tapas Bar & Grill 

Unpretentious Mexican restaurant where I would feel comfortable wearing a sombrero with no hint of irony.

Best for: My Mexican faves – tequila and burritos. 

Outdoor seating? Yes! From April 12.

More info: http://www.laparrillarestaurant.co.uk/ 


Frost Burgers

Just around the corner on Wood Street, but deserved a mention. 100% vegan restaurant with two venues, in Liverpool and Manchester.

Best for: Instagrammable dirty burgers and shakes that are fully plant-based.

Outdoor seating? TBC

More info: https://www.frostburgers.com/ 


Your ULTIMATE guide to places to eat on Bold Street Liverpool – continued:

And that’s not all, there’s more. Take a look at these additional places to eat on Bold Street Liverpool.

Toros Steakhouse – https://torossteakhouseonline.co.uk/ 

Elif Turkish BBQ – http://elifboldstreet.co.uk/ 

Pieminster – https://pieminister.co.uk/restaurants/liverpool/ 

Wok to Walk – https://www.woktowalk.com/uk/ 

Naked Noodle – https://www.nakednoodle.co.uk/ 


What would feature in your ultimate guide to Bold Street Liverpool? Drop me a line @GirlAboutLiverpool, as I would love to know your suggestions. Also check out my 48 Hours in Liverpool blog for more ideas on what to see, do and eat in my home city.

Claire Fitzpatrick Liverpool
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