Tori Partlow

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All About Tori




Hello! I’m Tori, a married mum from Brum with three lovely boys. I am a HUGE fan of my city and I LOVE seeking out new places to have fun! Birmingham is the UK’s second city for good reason and has an incredible history, a diverse culture, many fabulous sights, buildings and green spaces. It is one of the most visited cities in the UK and has five Michelin starred restaurants. I fell in love with it right from when I travelled into the city as a child to go shopping with my mum and later to attend music school. As a young adult I lived in the Jewellery Quarter for five years and had many great nights out.


I now enjoy experiencing it with my family and making the most of local National Trust properties or other main attractions. I am often asked about places to go or advice about Birmingham and I love to share my experiences with others.

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10 Random Facts About Me

1 I’ve flown a plane

2. I’ve been on a few TV shows, most notably Total Wipeout

3. I’ve been to University in Kosovo

4. I got matching tattoos with my friends in Ibiza

5. I have run the London Marathon

6. I’ve eaten a scorpion

7. I’ve met a prime minister

8. I support Aston Villa

9. I have a weakness for chocolate milk

10 I can juggle.