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The ultimate styled Disney Princess party with Pretty Elegant Events

By Lyndsey Thomas – 29th July 2021
Disney Princess Party

May 2020

Child: ‘Mummy I want a Disney Princess Party please for my 6th birthday – with a proper princess and can I invite all my friends?’

Mum: “Nope – You’ll have to wait a year – no parties-in-person this year – zoom calls only – we’ll push the pink boat out next year – we’ll make up for it my darhling…

I promise.”

Famous last fecking words…


17th May 2021

Not only was this the very date that the UK started to open up after a hellish second Covid Lockdown, it was also my little girl’s 7th Birthday.

Over twelve months of party-free existence is bleak for any poor primary-school-aged child and my little princess wasted no time in reminding me of my promise to her on her 6th birthday.

So of course, after over a year of zero parties, I was going to go all out – as much as I could within the law of course.

And there was only one company I was going to call to ensure that the first party after lockdown was going to be the Disney princess party of all parties…

With more pink than adorns Katie’s Price’s mucky mansion

With more sugar than even Augustus Gloop could cope with

And with a proper Disney Princess delivered direct from Disneyworld to boot.

I got on the blower to Heather at Pretty Elegant Events with the brief…

The ultimate Disney Princess party


Ferne wants Aurora plucked fresh from the turrets of her candy pink castle in Disneyworld. With pink food and pink sparkles.

I want a Disney Princess party set-up that promises to put me in pole position as no. 1 mum. Kick off the season in style.

I had no doubt that Heather and her team would meet the brief, and then some, not least because Heather is the first to admit that she retreats back to primary school age when it comes to dreaming up the most incredible styled tables and props, which is what Pretty Elegant Events specialises in.

Heather’s a sucker for a Disney film (she confessed to watching Sleeping Beauty over and over again to ensure she nailed my brief) and she’s all about attention to detail and recreating the magic – right down to tiny replicas of the three fairies that she suspended from my ceiling above a handmade blue and pink dress, perfectly re-creating the scene where the fairies fight over the colour of Aurora’s dress whilst flying round it in the original Disney film. The magic really is in the detail for Heather and her team.

After looking at her styled tables on The Gram (check her out here > https://www.instagram.com/prettyelegantevents/), I just knew she would blow our my daughter’s frilly socks off with the centre piece at this Disney Princess party to beat every Disney Princess party.

She makes all the props herself and sometimes ropes in her mum who is a dab-hand on the sewing machine, and the set-up alone of one of her bespoke events tables can take the entire day.

She landed in my kitchen-diner at 10am on the morning of this particular Disney Princess Party due to kick off at 4pm that afternoon, and was still titivating and tinkering minutes before an army of seven year old princesses descended in a puff of sparkles and tiaras.

Pretty Elegant Events is a family-run business. Heather is the creative mastermind and her mum, daughters and her brother also play a major role in the running of her business which started out as a backroom side hustle three years ago.

Tell her what you want, and she’ll source all the bits and bobs needed to curate a bespoke event table and/or pop-up props. If she needs to spend the entire night sat at her sewing machine, she’ll do it.

Heather and her team are more than happy to travel to the other end of the country to put the fairy magic into your baby shower, or to create a surprise Instagram backdrop for a sweet 16th or a sophisticated  21st – in a colour scheme that harmonizes with the birthday girl’s party frock, the unicorn-themed cake, or Gothic Gabrielle and her Goth mates.

Heather has even sourced a traditional wooden carousel horse from a travelling fair, which she’s painted white and gold.

If your brief is A Kardashian catwalk model, movies, handbags – think Victoria Secrets, Chanel, Maleficent… she’ll nail it. And then some.

Swap tacky plastic backdrops and that God awful fake spiders web for a spooky and sophisticated centre piece that will wow your guests at your Halloween party.

The Halifax-based company caters for all sorts of events, with the likes of The GC from Towie, Cheshire Housewives, WAGs of premiership football players and Love Islanders all wanting to feature one of Heather’s signature event tables at their glitzy shindigs.

These showstoppers are not cheap, but the effort Heather and her team puts in, and the time they take to put these showpieces together – not to mention the originality, imagination, and creativity that’s injected into every table making each one totally unique – well, you get what you pay for really.

And if like me, if you’ve promised your seven year old the Disney princess party of all parties – then the memories of your daughter and a gaggle of seven year olds’ faces lighting up, mouths wide open, and eyes projecting a look of sheer delight when you reveal a Pretty Little Events masterpiece – well that alone is worth it.

Seriously brownie points for mum for years to come.


Some of Heather’s creations…

Finding Aurora

Aurora herself was supplied by Leeds-based company – Parties for my Princess.  All of their performers are professional singers and actors and have all been CRB checked.

Princess Aurora couldn’t have been any more realistic – complete with American accent – right out of that candy pink turret, dressed in an expensive looking replica of Aurora’s famous pink gown.

The 90 minute experience included songs and party games, and a ceremony that ended in Ferne being pronounced an official princess, complete with a certificate.

Dreams really can come true.



I’d like to thank Heather and her team for creating a Disney Princess Party table of dreams for Ferne and her friends, gifted in exchange for a frank and honest review. All the edibles on the table were sourced by moi – purchased in Morrisons.

If you’d like to chat to Heather and her team about how she might be able to create the perfect backdrop to your party, DM her on Facebook.

Take a look at some of the amazing showstoppers Heather has created over on her Instagram


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Lyndsey Thomas
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