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5 Places in Leeds my kids CAN’T WAIT to get back to

By Kirsty Graham – 10th February 2020

As cabin fever has well and truly set in, I’ve been daydreaming about going back to the places we love in and around Leeds. Yes, even soft play. But if you’re not familiar with the best places – here’s my pick of the top 5 places we’re looking forward to going back to.

Apart from the pub…always the pub.


I really miss the pub.


Harewood House is, in my opinion, the perfect child-friendly day out in Leeds. Although the cost of entry is on the higher side (if you’re listening guys, please bring back the gardens-only tickets!) BUT there’s so much to do you can fill your day and come away feeling like you’ve had your money’s worth.

From penguins, boats, lakeside walks, bird sanctuary, a farm and adventure playground – there’s enough to keep kids of all ages entertained, as well as adults.

In ‘normal times’ they regularly run seasonal events and their festive afternoon tea is absolutely amazing. So fingers crossed we all get back there in time for Christmas!

For more information as well as details on Harewood House reopening, head to https://harewood.org/



Just a few miles outside of Leeds, in Harrogate, is the middle-class kid’s cafe and play of dreams – ‘Goose’. Kiss goodbye to sticky slides and dirty balls, this is soft play, Harrogate style.

As well as a fabulous local menu (which is so much more than the usual paninis and baked potatoes), Goose boasts indoor swings, interactive walls, slides, a huge ariel canopy and a ‘blue room’ filled with supersized blue building blocks.

Last time we went my 3 year old was still a bit too wary to explore the high-up section, so I can’t wait to head back and see him up there!

To explore what Goose has to offer and be first to hear about their re-opening, head to https://www.gooseplay.com/



Nestled within a North-Leeds Industrial Estate, Our Place is the home of ‘Boomchickkaboom’ – THE events company for children in Leeds.

The company has been hosting family-friendly raves in Leeds for several years and have finally found this great venue to call home, run events and host private parties.

The team is FANTASTIC – they can whip up every child into a frenzy quicker than an unseen episode of Peppa Pig and have more energy then all of the CBeebies crew combined. The ‘sessions’ we’ve been to are loosely based on books and involve dancing, spray foam, dressing up, bouncy castles and a lot of great music.

To make things even better, their grilled cheese sandwiches are amazing.

To find out more about the grilled cheese sandwiches (and all the other kids’ stuff) head to https://boomchikkaboom.com/



I can confidently say that ‘World of Their Own’ is unlike any soft play or children’s play area I’ve ever been to. The brilliant team is behind the most immersive, imaginative and realistic cowboy play that will make your kids come away begging for their own gun and horse.

The entire play village (because it really is a pretend village!) had recently moved to Hornbeam Park Harrogate – right next to Goose – and with it have made the entire Wild West experience bigger and better than ever. There is every type of cowboy dress-up imaginable, secret tunnels to steal loot from the vaults, an inflatable bucking broncho and cowboy-themed books for storytime.

Word on the street is that they’re expanding their make-believe world into new areas and I for one can’t wait to see what they have in store. to find out more head to https://www.worldoftheirown.co.uk/



This is the top of my three-year-old’s list as the first place he wants to head back to when the ‘poorly bug’ goes away. This American diner, ice-cream parlour and play area has everything to make up for the 50-minute drive from central Leeds.

There is an outdoor playground for good weather as well as a semi-indoor barn play area (perfect even in bad weather) with huge sides and various hay-based adventures. As well as this, the food is brilliant! Think 50s American burgers and fries, hot dogs, milkshaesl mac and cheese and a huge ice cream parlour.

The whole complex is incredibly busy at any time of year – so you need have eyes in the back of your head to keep one on your kids (and may also need to chase errant food orders which may or may not have been forgotten!) But it’s worth the craziness as the kids love it and the food is great, when it arrives! I’d also advise booking in advance, if you can.

To find out more and when you can next visit go to https://www.billybobsparlour.com/


I hope you’ve enjoyed this roundup and here’s hoping we can all get out and enjoy these places again soon!


Lots of love,

Kirsty x


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