The Saddle Room Restaurant, Tupgil Park, Coverham.

By Natalie Johnson – 18th May 2020

The Saddle Room Restaurant

One of the best ‘Chippy teas in North Yorkshire!


This was one of the first places we dined at when we first moved to Leyburn and coming from a seaside town in the North East of England, you can guess we are huge fans of good fish and chips!

The atmosphere here is great, there is always a buzz. The food comes out piping hot plus, £7.95 for such a tasty favorite makes this our go-to place if ever we have family staying with us.

The Saddle Room restaurant was originally horse racing stables and you definitely still get that vibe from external stable doors to the beautifully renovated horse stalls with wall mounted antique cast iron hay racks inside. There is even a resident goose named Clarence who wanders around greeting his guests.

We all have that one person in our family that, whenever we all eat out they are never really impressed. Well my gorgeous Grandma is that person and she loves it when I book us all in for a meal…..no long faces here (sorry, only the one horse joke, I promise!)

Depending on whether you fancy a light bite, a bar meal, or a full-on dining experience they’ve got it covered, with their locally sourced produce. They do specialty nights too, Monday is Pizza Night, Tuesday fancy-a-curry?, Wednesday is bring your own bottle and Friday is Chippy tea.

My family and I have visited in all weathers and it’s definitely one of those places where you really get a sense of the seasons. It’s also a charming place for walking, so bring your hiking boots and take in the lovely country air. Come rain or shine, it’s a splendid place to visit. We love how family and dog friendly it is and that is why we go time and time again.

What makes the Saddle Room rather memorable is the picturesque grounds in which it sits and that’s why it’s a popular wedding venue. If I was ever to renew my vows I’d seriously consider this place.

It’s also situated right next to the quirky Forbidden Corner and I’m not kidding when I say it’s about 10 steps away, It was originally built as a Folly and is now a fabulous attraction for all the family in the Dales. As a family treat I couldn’t think of anything better, after hours of outdoor adventures, calling in next door, grabbing a bite, and a beverage with the roar of cracking open fires and cosy candlelight.

Whenever we go, we are never disappointed and feel satisfied with nice full bellies but you can guarantee when the waiter comes round and askes “Would you like to see our dessert menu?” we still say yes!

Our daughter just adores the puddings here and they always come well presented and even though I’m full I can’t help but ask for an extra spoon.

If you’re ever in this neck of the woods I would certainly recommend popping in.



This is a Girl About recommendation. This means that this experience was not gifted in return for a review but paid in full by our writer and the venue had no idea that I was there. We only recommend places we absolutely love, and places that we know you’ll love too!


Nat x




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RECOMMENDATION | The Market town of Helmsley – The North York Moors

By Lindsey Roberts – 10th February 2020

Why I loved The Kitchen at Manor House at Lindley in Huddersfield?
A really decadent ‘ladies wot lunch’ spot that won’t break the bank. Delicious brunch menu and an abundence of faux florals.


Worth paying a babysitter?
This is a great place to meet a girlfriend for brunch or lunch when the kids are at school.


Stunning, over-the-top faux floral feminine features draping from the beamed ceiling of the light and airy space. Delicious, freshly-made brunch and lunch options and freshly squeezed juices. A gorgeous girly vibe; lots of well-dressed ladies of all ages nattering over a beautifully brewed coffee and a home-made cake. The Kitchen Cafe is obviously popular with the Hudderfield local ladies, and so it should be! This place is an absolute gem.


Value for money: 9/10.

Setting the scene at The Kitchen at Manor House at Lindley
Tucked away behind a pretty average high street in Huddersfield in West Yorkshire, concealed by a high wall of foliage is a beautiful Georgian Manor House – The Manor House at Lindley.


Iron gates lead into a sweeping driveway and a fully functioning fountain takes centre stage slap bang in the middle of it, surrounded by perfectly pruned topiary. It all feels rather grand and a bit too indulgent for a Thursday brunch date with Girl About Yorkshire – Emma. The type of venue that surely comes with a hefty bill at the end of it all…

How wrong was I?

We parked up in the large car park with plenty of parking spots and headed round the back of the old building, and through a modern entrance that lead through glass double doors into The Kitchen Café.


Tables are on a first-come, first-served basis and there’s room for the odd pram, although it doesn’t scream ‘child-friendly, which was more than ok with us on this occasion – our little people were well out of the way at school, leaving Emma and I to chat and enjoy our delicious brunch without any interruption.


That being said, if you do have a little lady in your life, who is old enough to sit still and hold a conversation – this is a perfect venue for a little Saturday girly treat. The atrium to the right of the full-length counter featuring jugs of freshly-squeezed smoothies and scrummy looking home-made scones, cakes and other treats provides a lovely view out into the courtyard which leads through to the very well-appointed bathrooms.


It really is a beautiful setting for brunch. You won’t want to leave. Sadly, on this occasion, it wasn’t to be. The 3pm school run was calling.


Still, I excused myself and slipped away to the little girl’s room, seizing the opportunity to have a good old nosey round. I stumbled upon a very sophisticated looking cocktail bar and the hotel’s fine dining restaurant. Emma – who recently dined here, and got to stay overnight, had VERY good things to say about both. (Read her full review HERE)


I also loved the little work corner complete with desk and i-pad. I could happily set up shop for the day here.


The Menu:
The menu in The Kitchen offers a good selection of breakfast, brunch and lunch faves. I kicked off with a freshly squeezed grapefruit juice served decadenty in cut crystal and went on to order crushed Avocado and poached egg on sourdough toast. Emma opted for the pancake stack with berries, yogurt and maple syrup.


There’s a big focus on wellbeing here at The Manor House, and that’s apparent in the menu choices, which are all about healthy, fresh, locally sourced ingredients and a dollop of indulgence.


Emma’s pancakes arrived and the food envy kicked in – two good sized fresh, fluffy discs of deliciousness with a good dollop of yogurt and fresh berries – she went onto drizzle them in the ample-sized portion of honey served on the side in a miniture jar.


It soon subsided when the waiter put my ample-sized portion of smashed avocado and perfectly cooked poached egg on toasted sourdough in front of me. We both polished our plates off, and went on to order tea and a home-made scone with jam and clotted cream to share. Why the hell not!


No gripes and groans from either or us – our food was delicious, well cooked, warm, and plentiful – and it was served with a cheeky smile and a little bit of banter from our lovely young waiter and a very reasonable bill of less than £25 between the two of us at the end.


Opens daily from 6am to 7pm.


With love,

Lyndsey x


To find out more visit: https://manorhouselindley.co.uk/

READ Emma’s review of her overnight stay at Manor House Lindley

Lindsey Roberts EastLondon
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