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REVIEW | The Devonshire Arms Inn at Beeley – Hotels in The Peak District

By Vicky Jones – 04th May 2019

Why I loved The Devonshire Arms Inn at Beeley 

I love that The Devonshire Arms Inn is only a 30-minute drive from Sheffield, yet we felt like we were in the middle of nowhere. Beeley is a beautiful rural village in the stunning Chatsworth Estate and our deluxe double room was divine. It was literally the nicest room I’ve ever had the pleasure to stay in and I can’t wait to go back.


Worth getting a babysitter

Without a doubt yes. Although the Devonshire Arms is happy to cater for kids, believe me, this is definitely an overnight stay you do not want to have the little nippers in tow.


What to expect at The Devonshire Arms Inn at Beeley 

A deep bath full of bubbles, a bed that you never want to leave, a quaint country pub and Inn that you will pray to get snowed in at for a week, and food that will satisfy your appetite after a bucketload of fresh Peak District air.


Value for money – 8/10

Our room rate starts at a £129 per night, but you are buying a really nice, comfy, pleasurable stay. The little extra touches made it stand out from other high-end inns, and it is definitely somewhere to go if you have an excuse to treat yourself.


The Devonshire Arms Inn at Beeley

My mantra has always been that a hotel room is a means to an end. It’s a bed that you need after visiting somewhere far more interesting than the four walls where you sleep. How can a hotel room really be much different from another?

Oh how wrong I was. The Devonshire Arms at Beeley, hands down, the nicest room I have ever had the pleasure to stay in. Period.

Why, I’m sure you are asking. Let me tell you.

The roll top bath is a good starting point. A bath big enough for two (and we are far from petite), I had THREE baths over our one-night stay. Forget inns that offer a communal jacuzzi and sauna, a massive bath in your room far exceeds this. I literally was in a deep, warm, bubble haven that I didn’t need to share with anyone. Even better I had no little people attempting to interrupt me. It was more than bliss. Had we not got dinner booked, I would have, without a doubt, double the time spent in that bath.

But if a bath is not your thing, fear not. There was a pretty amazing wet room/sauna for you to treat yourself too. My three baths did mean that I skipped the shower, but the tiled bench and lighting made it above and beyond any shower I’ve had in an inn’s room before. Add the double sink set up, and the Temple Spa products, the bathroom arrangement was pretty special in my books and exceeded all my expectations.

Our beautiful room was in a cottage, a stones-throw from the Devonshire Arms, in the incredibly quaint little village of Beeley. Our short, 30 minute, drive from home, took us from central Sheffield to one of the most beautiful parts of the Peak District. Being part of the Chatsworth Estate, the Devonshire Arms added subtle, unnecessary touches that just made it that little more special. Chatsworth mugs, tin tea caddy and complimentary luxury chocolate biscuits were provided, accompanied by a miniature glass bottle of milk and glass teapot. Even as a non-tea drinker, I couldn’t resist a pot of earl grey with my first bath. The whole set up was really delightful.

The Nespresso machine was used for a really decent cuppa in the morning, and the wireless sound system got used to several times. Add the quirky flamingo lights and little decor touches, it made the room more than just a bed and place to sleep. It collectively pulled all the things I NEVER have into one place…. Hot drinks, a bath, music of my own choice, and peace and quiet when I wanted!



The relaxed but elegant Devonshire Arms is right up my cobbled street. It’s the type of pub you would conveniently like to get snowed-in at. Stuck for a week with nothing but fine food and wines to survive off. If only.

The traditional part of the pub where you can eat and drink is relatively small, with low ceilings, wooden beams and loads of exposed stone. Filled with local residents, a few dogs and the inn’s guests in the bar, there was a nice casual and welcoming atmosphere. Tucked away from the main bar, Warren had made sure a huge glass of St Emilion was waiting for me at our table for the evening. Lovely.


Feed me

Browsing the menu, the fresh crab starter jumped at me, as it isn’t something I often eat. It didn’t disappoint. The sharp crisp apple with the sweet soft seafood was a lovely combination, that accompanied by the little of bits of caviar gave it a real taste of the sea. Fresh and delicious.

Warren opted for the ham hock terrine. It’s not something I would ever choose, but even I would have been happy with the chunky ham, that flaked as he put his fork into it. The sweet and sticky blobs of mango provided balance to the salty ham, and with a dressing of spring onions, it really gave the course great depth.

If you were to look up “succulent” on google images, I’m pretty sure my photo of my lamb main course would come top. Cooked perfectly, it was accompanied with tart tomatoes, a sweet smooth pea puree and a potato rosti to make sure you finished the course feeling satisfied. It was one of those dishes that makes you wiggle in your seat. I was pretty happy about eating it. Throw in a side order of kale, I felt like I’d had an indulgent yet rather healthy main course, which gave way for complete gluttony with my pudding!

Warren stayed true to his roots and ordered steak off the specials. Although the steak was really good, it was the other parts of the dish that made him rave. The blue cheese sauce was incredible. Rich, creamy and pokey. I’m not sure how many times the chips had been cooked, but they had nailed it. Really crispy on the outside and fluffy in the middle. Dip a chip into the sauce and we got a real taste sensation.

Warren carried on, like he always does, with a cheese board, whilst quaffing some St Emilion. I, however, opted for a more local dessert of a Bakewell tart. It would have been rude not to. The really sweet almond tasted amazing with the super tart side of rhubarb. The clotted cream was ridiculously thick and indulgent, but of course, went hand-in-hand with the rest.

Overall, the food was really enjoyable. Tasty, nice sized portions and felt like a real treat. We loved eating in the pub, but we could have opted for the modern restaurant that had been recently renovated. There was plenty of choice on the menu, so if my dream came true of being snowed in, we could have stayed a couple of days and not got bored with what was being offered. Although knowing Warren, he would have ordered his three same courses again each time, as he loved them so much.

We, of course, finished the evening with a tipple or three and enjoyed a couple of bathtub g&t’s (ironically) in the bar. I’m pretty sure it is a committed crime if you don’t have an extra drink on your kid-free night away.

And to bed…

We said our goodbyes to the local’s dog and shuffled across to our abode. What better way to finish an evening filled with delightful food, to a homely, comfy and pretty luxurious room a few metres from our watering hole. It was a gorgeous night’s sleep.


A sad farewell

The Devonshire Arms is a little bit of luxury 30 minutes from home. I would have happily travelled a few hours to stay here, so the fact it is so close to Sheffield means you can have a little escapism without having to trek too far.

Would I go again? Absolutely. If you can, I would recommend either arriving early morning or staying two nights, so that you can go for an amazing walk around the Chatsworth Estate, to take in the glorious countryside, the herd of deer we had the delight to drive by and of course the House. The Devonshire Arms is absolutely the place to reward yourself after a day of fresh air and exercise. A nice glass of wine, superb food, and of course a long, delightful bath.

Thank you to The Devonshire Arms for inviting me to stay. We loved every minute. And as always, to my parents for taking on triple trouble overnight.


To find out more visit: www.devonshirebeeley.co.uk



This is a Girl About review. I was invited by the management to stay overnight and dine free of charge in exchange for an honest and frank review. All my opinions are my own and in no way have they been swayed by their kind invite. Girl About reviews are always 100% honest. We only publish reviews that, for the most part, are positive.

Vicky Jones Sheffield
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