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REVIEW | Temujin, Mongolian Restaurant in West Yorkshire

By Vicky Jones – 20th November 2018

Since I met Matt back in 2009 he’s been desperate to get me to go to Temujin up in Sowerby Bridge. It specialises in endless Mongolian stir fry and to be honest I’m more of a pizza and pasta kinda girl. Or so I thought!

On arrival we were seated near to the open kitchen and had a great view of the main attraction – the Mongolian wok. We were lucky enough to be able to sample the entire range of starters (The Ultimate Combination as it’s rightly named on the menu) before we cracked on with our main course and although it’s the stir fry which they are renowned for, the starters aren’t to be sniffed at either!

A mix of mozzarella melts, chicken satay, spring rolls (duck and vegetable), meat balls, prawns, sweetcorn fritters and the best marinated salmon I’ve ever tasted were served and in typical Yorkshire fashion none of it was going to waste – so we filled our boots!

“We” – if you thought this was a romantic meal for two you’d be mistaken. Oh no our little lass Lyla came along too! Temujin prides itself on being family friendly and actively encourages children to come along and try something a little out of the ordinary.

So, moving on to what we’d all been waiting for – the stir fry. It works on an “all you can eat” self serve principle whereby you choose as many vegetables/meats as you want (and there’s lots to choose from!), take it to the chef, select how you want it to be cooked from a huge choice of oils, sauces and garnishes and then stand back and watch the magic happen! You really are in control at Temujin – you can be as healthy or indulgent as you want (for the slimmers our there they will even use fry light if you ask nicely!).

Our friendly waiter suggested to start small and steady and go back for different stir fries – endless really does mean endless (or at least until that first button on your jeans pops open). Seated in prime position, we got to see the fire display courtesy of the chef and his wok! Squeals of excitement (mostly from Matt) were common place as you watched your food being cooked right in front of you.

With literally hundreds of combinations to create it’s a good job you can keep going up for more. Between us we tried chicken, venison, kangaroo, beef and prawn but there are plenty of other options for vegetarians or seafood lovers (calamari, tuna, tofu, mussels to name a few). It’s a great way to get children to try more unusual food – I don’t know about you but we don’t have kangaroo with our Yorkshire puds and roasties on a Sunday at our house. And because they are part of the process of selecting and putting together their meal you’ve got a fighting chance of getting the all important 5 a day down their necks in one go! The staff are more than happy to offer their favourite combinations and are really knowledgable on the tastiest mixes so if you’re a bit like me – clueless – their advice is invaluable!

It was feeling far too healthy up at this point for me so I ordered a gin to keep the balance! They have a fairly extensive gin menu (double sided) I went for Yorkshire strawberry flavour. Down the hatch and on to dessert.

Now at this stage of the game some people, depending on how many times they’d been back up to the wok, might have felt enough was enough. Not me. Remember, I never know when to stop. So in true Emma style I ordered the “Ultimate Dessert” – to share I hasten to add. Lyla’s eyes lit up (as did mine) when we saw what ultimate actually meant. Sticky toffee pudding, honeycomb ice cream, homemade cheesecake AND chocolate fudge cake. Well, if you’ve ever watched Blue Planet the scenes were pretty similar. Ravenous spring to mind. Safe to say the plate was cleared.

So the pizza and pasta lover has grown up and moved on to the more exotic! I highly recommend a trip to Temujin whether it be as a family or with friends it’s got something for everyone and even offer a take away service for those nights when you just want to stay in.

Thank you Temujin for inviting us! We ordered the ultimate starter (£14.99) and had the “early bird” endless stir fry (£15.50 adult, £7.50 children) followed by the ultimate dessert (£14.99).

Temujin is at 1st Floor, No. 1 Warehouse, Canal Basin, Sowerby Bridge, Halifax HX6 2AG. To book call 01422 835500 or for further information visit www.temujinrestaurants.co.uk

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