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StrongHER Warrior in Whitechapel – Woman’s Weight Lifting East London

By Lindsey Roberts – 30th September 2019

My transformation into a StrongHER Warrior in Whitechapel, in East London


Why I love StrongHER:
An empowering, educational and ass-kicking atmosphere


To work hard, to push yourself further than you thought you could and to leave every session feeling exhausted but on top of the world


Value for money: 10/10


Setting the scene:
I signed up to become a StrongHER ‘Warrior’ for four weeks. After the second week, I signed up for another four. It’s likely that I’ll be a Warrior for life. I’ve lifted weights for a couple of years and whilst I kind of knew that my form was okay, I wanted this to be confirmed by an actual real-life person that wouldn’t judge me or intimidate me. Enter stage right: StrongHER Warrior Project.

I came across the movement a few months ago on Instagram. Based in venues across London (I chose to go to the one in Whitechapel) they are a strictly women-only fitness and nutrition brand who’s mission is to ‘educate, enrich & empower women from all diversities, cultures and faiths’.  It’s not just for women who have lifted weights before either but aimed at any woman who has ever felt afraid or intimidated to step into the weights section on their own.

Now, this could easily sound like marketing BS that I was going to get sucked into, but the Warrior Project training course does exactly what it says on their website and more. In just four weeks I have set goals, created actionable habits, learnt new lifts and dare I say it, enjoyed the HIIT session at the end of the workout (hopefully Tig and Makeda – the trainers for my session – wont see this bit).

I’ve been encouraged and encouraged others, I’ve laughed and I’ve cried (in a good way though, promise). In all honesty, I’ve achieved more than I thought I ever could walking through those doors five weeks ago. I’ve even found my ‘why’. The thing that motivates me to go out and get it done. It’s something I haven’t had in training for a long time. For years, it’s been about aesthetics and the number on the scale. But here, I’ve set a performance goal. And with the support of the entire group, I’ve smashed it.

Training for the Warrior Project is twice a week, either before work or after, and you have to be committed. This is made clear from the outset. But the commitment is SO worth it and I would encourage every woman in London to get involved with this fabulous organisation.

If Warrior Project sounds a bit too much to start with, they have a couple of other classes across the week for you to try. And if getting sweaty really isn’t your thing, but you still want to get involved, you can invest in the epic StrongHER studio which is launching soon in East London. The team is crowdfunding at the moment and I’m going to get involved too.

StrongHER is about empowering women from all backgrounds which aligns with a lot our values here at Girl About and that’s something I very much want to be a part of.

So what are you waiting for? Click on the link below and hopefully I’ll see some of you at a session getting hot, sweaty and strongHer, very soon!

With love,

Lindsey x


To find out more about the sessions or the crowdfunding, visit:  https://www.strongher.co.uk/class-overview

@strongher_women on Instagram



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Lindsey Roberts EastLondon
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