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Stargazing in North Yorkshire

By Natalie Johnson – 18th April 2021

Stargazing in North Yorkshire

For as long as I can remember I’ve always loved the sky, sunsets, clouds, the moon & stars.

We moved to North Yorkshire from quite an urban area in the North East almost 3 years ago. We were actually quite shocked to see how amazing the sky at night looked, just from our home and back garden.

We live in a pretty rural village with field after field behind us, so as you can imagine there’s not really any light pollution.

We love sitting out and spotting shooting stars, seeing the meteors and plants. To be honest, we often sit out in all seasons regardless of the weather. We usually just light our garden stove and keep the warm drinks and snacks coming.

In the winter we wrap up in lots of layers, with either a hot chocolate, mulled wine, or cider, and it’s great fun! In November, you may even catch the spectacular sight of the Milky Way.

Who else tries to see pictures in the stars? We’re lucky enough to have some of the best places for stargazing in Yorkshire.

The Yorkshire Dales and North York Moors national parks have both been named international dark sky reserves. Which is just amazing. Making the largest dark sky area in the UK and one of the biggest in Europe. Now isn’t that fantastic!

I would always recommend checking the weather forecast the night before you’re planning a night stargazing in North Yorkshire just so you get a lovely clear night.

In the Yorkshire Dales National Park, there are 4 dark sky discovery sights. There’s Hawes and Malham National Park Visitor Centres, Buckden National Park Car Park, and Tan Hill Inn. These are open to the public, with available parking, and great for all ages and abilities.

One of my personal favourite places for stargazing in North Yorkshire is actually Aysgarth Falls. We discovered how perfect this beautiful is for stargazing by accident. It is local to us and we often take the dogs for walks here. One evening we stayed longer than planned and ended up catching dusk and into nightfall and it was incredible. They have plenty of parking and a great visitor’s centre too. Full of super information!

The Tan Hill Inn near Keld in Swaledale is the highest pub in Britain and is such a super spot to go stargazing in North Yorkshire. It stands at 1,732 feet above sea level. It’s also another marvellous place to catch the Northern Lights.


The North York Moors is such a wonderful area to go stargazing in North Yorkshire. As well as having Sutton Bank and Dalby Forest with their fantastic visitor’s centres and facilities. You’ve also got the stunning North Yorkshire coast. With its drier climate and clearer skies. You may even be lucky enough to see the Northern Lights and even the spectacular Aurora Borealis.

Whether you choose to visit Scarborough, Old Saltburn, or anywhere along the Cleveland Way, you will be certainly in for a magnificent stargazing treat.

Just make sure you wrap up warm and don’t forget your flask and binoculars.

There are so many fantastic places to go stargazing in North Yorkshire. I’ve written about 10 in this blog alone. But I’m not kidding when I say, as long as there’s minimal light pollution and the night is clear. You’re good to go!

Happy stargazing!



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Nat x


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