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Brunch with a twist – Serata Hall

By Dimple Shah, part of Girl About London – 8th June 2020

Why I love it: Brunch with a twist, great food, gorgeous setting.

Is it worth getting an Uber for? Sure is. 

Value for money: 8/10

Setting the scene: 

When you’ve lived in London for as long as I have, you’ll notice that there are so many restaurants and bars opening almost every weekend. It can feel quite overwhelming and almost impossible to keep a track of.

My friends and I seem to have the same conversation when it comes to organising a meet up “Let’s do brunch!” “Where shall we go?” “Ermm not sure, you pick…” And with so many options, we’re always looking for somewhere new. Luckily, I had heard about Serata Hall through a friend who also works in media and tends to be out eating and drinking with clients quite often (dream job, right?!) Obviously, I rushed to my Instagram to check out some food and décor snaps (how else do you pick a place these days!?) After a few messages back and forth, me and my friends decided to give it a try on a Saturday afternoon after a serious HIIT class at The Foundry – when you go out eating as much as I do, sometimes you have to earn your brunches!

Conveniently placed as you walk out of Old St roundabout, Serata Hall is the third opening, following Canova Hall (Brixton) and Martello Hall (London Fields). There is also the addition of Cattivo Hall in Brixton too all with a similar vibe.

From the outside, it can be quite easy to walk past this place without noticing it but from the moment you step in, the place screams of style and sophistication. I was totally in love with the décor, from palm trees, velvet green seating, marble tabletops, and a big winding staircase. This place is uber instagramable with big heart eyes and flame emojis.

The menu is filled with all-day carby-flavourful dishes with a hint of Italian. Think truffle tagliatelle, beetroot gnocchi, coal-fired red and white pizza. There also some twists on classic breakfast dishes such as chilli hash browns (I am obsessed with these) Besides that, there are some indulgent sides and desserts from triple cooked chips with ‘nduja ketchup and fresh sugary doughnuts with Nutella and jam.

It was hard to pick as everything sounded incredible – but how did the food taste? The food along with the atmosphere and service is fantastic. I wouldn’t rate it as the best Italian around town but it makes it into my top 10 for brunches. We ordered the chilli hash browns, mozzarella pizza, the truffle tagliatelle to share – because who doesn’t love truffle!? And to finish off we had the doughnuts – safe to safe I ate more calories than I worked off in my morning class that day!

Serata Hall has a large selection of wines on tap. ON TAP!! The cocktails are beautifully made and if you’re going for the bottomless option, prices are £25pp. Just order as you would and pay an additional £25. Portions are large, they are very generous with the free-flowing alcohol and if you’ve stuck around for long enough, the place turns into somewhat of a cocktail party with a live DJ and groups of friends enjoying a singalong, perfect for any occasion! This place has so much to offer, I cannot wait to go back and try more of their delicious menu.

To find out more, visit their website or follow them on Instagram: @seratahall

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