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Why Rutland is a hot-spot for gin lovers by Girl About Rutland

By Megan Allen – 10th February 2020

There’s no denying that the people of Rutland love their gin. When the rest of the country was panic buying toilet rolls and pasta, you could not get a bottle of tonic in Rutland for love nor money. We have our priorities straight…

Not only that, our little county has inspired gin-lovers who use the finest local ingredients as botanicals, mixers and garnishes.

As such, I couldn’t let World Gin Day pass without doing something and I’m excited to say I’ve collaborated with a few Rutland businesses to bring you the best gin cocktails, gin joints and, well, gin in the county.

As a county, we’ve been surrounded by some of the best distilleries in the country for years – Burleigh’s, Two Birds, Warner’s and Brentingby are all on the doorstep.

But at the tail end of last year, Multum Gin Parvo was launched – the county’s very own gin company – whose name is a play on words of Rutland’s motto, Multum in Parvo, meaning Much in Little.

It comes in three flavours – Rutland Dry, Strawberry & Rutland Lavender and Earl Grey & Rutland Honey – and as you can see, uses some of the best local ingredients.

I sampled the Strawberry and Lavender when they launched and it’s wonderful and is available to order from their website.

Also a fan of using local in their gin cocktails are Rutland bloggers, French 75, whose love of vintage inspires their creations.

Their Bebbo is a refreshing combination of Rutland Dry Gin, fresh lemon juice, Rutland honey and orange juice.

Head over to their website for more inspired cocktails.

Oakham’s newest gin joint is Orbis in Church Street. Their small plate menu and cocktails were an instant hit when they opened earlier this year and so dedicated they are to the cause, not even lockdown could stop them. They’ve been delivering cocktails to doorsteps across the town and surrounding villages for the last few months, ensuring that customers could get a gin cocktail on demand.

My favourite is the Rutland Garden – a mix of gin, elderflower liqueur and apple juice.

But it’s not the first Rutland inspired gin cocktail in the county. The Olive Branch in Clipsham is the finest gastropub in the county (named in the 2020 Estrella Damm Top 50 Gastropub Awards) and has been serving its house cocktail – The Clipsham Cooler – to happy customers for years.

Two parts Burleigh’s gin, two parts apple juice, ½ part elderflower cordial, ½ part lemon juice and one part ginger ale, all the ingredients are made by a local craft producer who source their products from the surrounding fields, hedgerows and woods.

Huge thanks to French 75, Multum Gin Parvo and The Olive Branch for their permission to use their images.

Megan x

Megan Allen Rutland
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