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REVIEW | Hello Crafter Knitting

Course in West Yorkshire

BY EMMA BANKS | 15 Apr 2019

Knitting’s Not Just for Nana

That click click of knitting needles was a familiar sound to me growing up. My mum’s a knitter. She always had a cardigan or pair of bed socks on the go. Back then, I didn’t appreciate the time consuming effort that went into it and often shoved her handmade creations to the back of my wardrobe in favour of a thin piece of tat from Tammy Girl. When I was stuck in hospital bored out of my skull she tried to teach me.


That didn’t get down well. I couldn’t get to grips with the sticks (needles) and all the string (wool) just kept getting tangled up. I was hitting the emergency call button to get a nurse to put a stop to it after about 10 minutes. When I saw Kylie at Hello Crafter ran a course called “Arm Knit A Chunky Throw” where no needles were involved and the wool was thick enough to deal with I thought I’d give this arm knitting a go.


I arrived at the Hello Crafter workshop and started chatting to the other women there, soon discovering that they were all beginners too and immediately felt more relaxed! Kylie runs these informal sessions in Saltaire (in a building joined on to the primary school – I just can’t keep away from those places!) and unlike when you attempt to knit a jumper, which could take anything up to 11 years to complete, you start and finish your chunky throw in just a couple of hours.


I’d coveted these gorgeous throws for months after scrolling through umpteen Etsy pages but couldn’t justify forking out over £100 on one. Kylie’s classes are £50 and that includes her expert tuition, 2kg of merino wool and unlimited biscuits – what more could you ask for! I’ve since searched online to buy my own wool to have a go at home (now that I’m a professional) and that amount will set you back anything from £80 and then you’re on your own.


Any cock ups and you’ve no one to rush to your side to sort it and there’s only so much help a YouTube video can give you! The colours of wool Kylie has on offer are very in vogue: light teale, soft pink, dove grey, silver grey, peacock, mustard and mint. I chose soft pink.

Being a teacher I’ve always thought I was a fairly patient person dealing with never ending questions and sorting out all manner of incidents, but if you want saintly style patience then Kylie is your girl! She clearly demonstrated the steps and then made her way around our small group helping where needed and advising us when things started to go a bit hairy.


Once I’d got into the swing of it, I found it really relaxing and because I could see my masterpiece growing in front of my eyes it spurred me on and gave me a bit of a confidence boost that I could actually do this!


Topped up with drinks and biscuits we had a good laugh and before I knew it I’d finished! I proudly cradled my lovely throw like a newborn baby and she rode in the passenger seat all the way home. Typically when I got in Matt hadn’t a clue where I’d been (it was on the calendar) and thought I’d had a trip to Dunelm.


The look of disbelief on his face that I had actually made this thing of beauty with my own fair hands was enough to tell me that I’d done a good job.


Kylie’s Hello Crafter business is one of three that are based in the same building and offer a variety of courses and classes for those who enjoy a bit of DIY and crafting. Lil Rabbitfoot makes stained glass decorations and jewellery and All Things Vintage run lampshade making and furniture upcycling workshops too.


There’s something very satisfying about making something yourself and there’s plenty of scope here to pick up some tools and have a go. Thank you to Kylie at Hello Crafter for inviting me on the arm knitting course – I thoroughly enjoyed myself and can now be found hiding under my throw most evenings.


As stated before this particular course costs £50 but Kylie runs lots of other crafty workshops so check out her Facebook page “Hello Crafter” for all the upcoming events she’s got lined up.  Hello Crafter is giving Girl About readers an amazing 15% off for any bookings made in May. Use the code GIRLABOUT at the checkout.

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