REVIEW | DOMO Restaurant, Sheffield – A Superb Sardinian Tapas Banquet Fit For A Princess

20th November 2019

Why I loved Domo Restaurant:

A passionate family run business that serves up the tastiest tiramisu I’ve ever had. Throw in the smooth, deep, red Sardinian wine (that I have not shut up talking about) and the welcoming, energetic atmosphere, it makes it the perfect place for a great night out.

Worth paying a babysitter?

I think you can go either way with Domo. The opening hours vary through the week but Saturdays they are open from 9am – 10:30pm. They offer brunch and a bambino menu for those going earlier in the day, or aperitivo and main courses for anyone going late afternoon onwards. The lively atmosphere definitely suits families, but also a large group of girlfriends catching up, or just you and your other half. It’s versatile to all scenarios!


To develop an obsession for Sardinian red wine. Authentic and nicely presented cuisine that tastes fantastic. An extensive menu that will leave you pondering what to eat and forcing you back for second time.


Value for money: (10 out of 10)

If you are looking for authentic and good quality food, then the prices at Domo are very reasonable. Pasta dishes start at £12.95 and antipasti dishes as little as £5.80, the menu easily caters for all budgets.

Wines are reasonably priced too for the quality you are getting. Domo selected the Isola del Sole Rosso for us, a Sardinian red wine priced at £26 a bottle and it was fantastic.

Throw in the Domo Aperitivo, cocktails from £5 and a free Sardinian buffet 5 -7pm Monday to Friday, which if you don’t think that’s good value for money then you are more tight than a typical northerner!!


Setting the scene:

There is nothing I love more than seeing someone follow their passion, take the leap and achieve success. This is what Sarah and Raffa have achieved at Domo. Opening a restaurant in a competitive part of town with a baby on the way, Domo offers traditional Sardinian cuisine in a modern environment. Not only is Domo unique with its offering, it’s brilliant and absolutely worth visiting.

When you think Sardinian restaurant, you might conjure up images of an Italian trattoria, dimly lit, romantic, small little settings…. Domo is far from this. Located in a trendy and bustling Kelham Island, Domo is tucked around the corner of a row of eco townhouses in Little Kelham.

DOMO restaurant


Taking the ground floor of Eagle Works (an old 1800’s steel manufactures), Domo boasts a whole heap of the original character with its huge arch windows, high ceilings and big wrought iron columns. A modern bar and restaurant with an industrial vibe, it is the perfect space to be filled with food, drinks and lots of people enjoying themselves.

Warren and I walked into a positively buzzing atmosphere filled with people ready for a good night. Cocktails flowing at the bar, it was only right to order Italian beer and an Aperol spritz to get the night started.


The Menu:

Big smiles from Sarah (one half the Domo super-couple) who greeted us at the bar, she took us to a great table located near the exposed kitchen.

Despite being a massive foodie, I’ve not actually eaten in a Sardinian restaurant before, so I was keen to explore the menu and see what we might be treated to. Without a doubt this is a place to come with a large group, as there is loads of choice to keep a fussy or adventurous eater content. There are sharing platters and antipasti to create a Sardinian tapas banquet, but also pasta, fish and meat main courses. In all honesty there was so much I wanted to try I was struggling to decide which way to go, so when Sarah suggested her and Raffa picked our food I was genuinely excited to see what came.

DOMO restaurant


DOMO restaurant


OMG what a feast!

 The antipasti from land was completely up my street, little delightful dishes of all things I love. The carpaccio Cipriani was really peppery, creating a warm deep heat in my mouth and topped with “Harry’s bar sauce” and some rocket it was a small yet punchy dish. 

DOMO restaurant

  DOMO restaurant


The prosciutto was incredible, the smooth ricotta and truffle dollops of deliciousness tasted amazing with the drizzle of honey and walnut. It was definitely a dish that I did not expect to have some many flavours hitting me; peppery, nutty, creamy, sweet; sounds a little random but honestly it was mega and I could not stop going back for more

The antipasti from the sea did not disappoint. The grilled octopus was meaty but had the crispy bitterness of charcoal you get when cooking on a BBQ. Accompanied by soft tiny roast potatoes and garlic aioli, it was the kind of dish I could just keep eating over and over again. Throw in the carpaccio tuna rolls stuffed with ricotta, we really had been spoilt by Sarah and Raffa. Sliced rare tuna really sings to my heart, and accompanied with pea shoots and the sweetness of figs, it was a lovely dish.

But the highlight of Warren’s meal was still to come. Anyone that’s read my reviews before will know he is not man of too many words, but I did love his description of the arancini as a “sexy Sardinian scotch egg” because it really was!!! The traditional rice balls were stuffed with beef ragu, peas and mozzarella and were divine and huge!! I sacrificed half of mine for Warren because he was getting so much joy from them.


DOMO restaurant


Raffa was keen to continue his showcase of finest dishes, so the dessert menus were whipped away and we waited in anticipation to see what arrived.

When the tiramisu arrived, Warren’s heart sank a little. He passionately hates anything coffee flavoured so although he was willing to try it, he had already made some pre-empted conclusions. A classic case of judging a book by its cover, the tiramisu was brilliant. Incredibly light, balanced with the sweetness of chocolate and cream vs the coffee and nuts it was honestly a delight to eat. Warren was genuinely surprised because he loved it, we both did in fact, so much so that I want to come back with my mum because it’s her favourite dessert and I know she will enjoy it.



We were also served a traditional dish of seadas, which is a soured pecorino cheese and honey pastry. Cheese and honey may sound like a peculiar combination, but accompanied with the citrus running through the dish, even my dedicated cheese-board-man was won over and said it was the best dish of the whole meal, which was completely unexpected.


DOMO restaurant

So many food highlights, but what topped the evening off was seeing Sarah and Raffa’s five-week old daughter snuggled up asleep, completely at ease within her family’s new adventure. Magic.


DOMO restaurant


Thank you very much for inviting me to try out some of your wonderful food, I am looking forward to coming back and trying even more!

To find out more visithttps://www.domorestaurant.co.uk

With love,

Vicky x 



This is a Girl About review. I was invited by the management to dine at their restaurant free of charge in exchange for an honest and frank review. All my opinions are my own and in no way have they been swayed by their kind invite. Girl About reviews are always 100% honest. We only publish reviews that, for the most part, are positive.



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