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REVIEW | A Scenic Ale Trail of Yorkshire’s Finest Micro-breweries with Brewtown Tours

By Lyndsey Thomas | 12th June 2018

Now THIS is a great gift for the man in your life.
If you want to be flavour of the month this Sunday (it’s Father’s Day!) or any other day for that matter, can I suggest that you jump online and book the man in your life onto a Brewtown Tour of Yorkshire?


Women too – this great little tour ticks lots of boxes, especially if you love your liquor. Personally, I can’t tell the difference between a Yorkshire Blonde and a Thirsty Ferret but I know a man who can. Mr T jumped at the chance of joining me on a Brewtown Tour so we hopped onboard the Brewtown bus at York Station.


Yorkshire is awash with microbreweries – they are springing up everywhere as talented Yorkshire folk with a passion for a pale ale, a sophisticated stout and a bracing bitter take home-brewing to a whole new level by setting up shop to invent beautiful brews with an array of undertones to supply to food festivals, free houses and independent shops.


These ale aficionados are brewing their beers with hints of chocolate, vanilla, rhubarb, elderflower and all sorts of other fantastic favours and a Brewtown Tour is as much about the process as the final product.


Aside from a shed load of interesting ales, beers, lagers and stouts you’ll get to sample – and I’m not talking a mouthful in the bottom of a plastic cup, the measures are very generous – a Brewtown Tour gives a captivating insight into the world of beer brewing. Now let’s not forget that I am currently on a sanctimonious journey to sobriety – I did not indulge in one single sip of the stuff on our tour – but still, I was fascinated by the stories behind each and every brewery.


The process and probably more so – the politics of the industry and what these creative beer-brewing geniuses have to overcome to stay in the game and fight off the big boys. Talking of which… the ‘C’ word is absolutely forbidden on this Yorkshire-based adventure – Carling that is.

A Brewtown Tour really opens one’s eyes, and indeed one’s taste buds, to the world of Yorkshire craft beer production. An ale aficionado himself, Mark Stradwick, owner of Brewtown Tours gets right under the skin of the Yorkshire beer scene.


Mark picked Mr T and I up from York train station in his Brewtown van and chauffeured both of us and the rest of the group, which is never any bigger than eight (on this occasion was just the four of us) between each of the three micro-breweries that we were visiting on the 6-hour long liquid-filled adventure.


Copious amounts of ale, a witty host and chauffeur for the day, some bloody brilliant beer-brewing, bubbly brewers, breath-taking Yorkshire scenery and the satisfaction and contentment that comes with supporting some of Yorkshire’s small businesses – it’s one for the Yorkshire bucket list.


Mark’s York Brewery Tours runs from Tuesday to Friday and he runs a Leeds tour every Saturday. Tours are £60 per person. For more information hop onto the Brewtown website CLICK HERE


A big thank you to Mark for inviting the hubby and myself on his Tuesday tour.

Lyndsey Thomas GirlAbout.co .uk
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