REVIEW | The Deep in Hull – Sharks, Turtles, Stingrays, Nemo & more

30th September 2019



Why I loved The Deep in Hull:

Informative, entertaining and fascinating insight into the world’s oceans and the creatures that lurk beneath the waves. A great family adventure that kept all three of my children of differing ages enraptured for almost 3 hours.


An educational, yet fun day out with Sharks, turtles, stingrays, catfish, Dory, Nemo and much more.


Value for money:  7/10

Adults are £14 on the door or £12.60 if booked online. Children age 3 – 15 are £11 on the door, or £9.90 if booked online.

Our day out would have cost us £61 on the door, or £54.90 if we’d booked in advance. Quite an expensive day out, but if you take your own sandwiches and avoid the trappings of the shop on the way out, then you don’t need to spend any more.

Also, worth nothing that all the profits go into conservation, so it takes some of the pain away when you realise you’re supporting a great cause.


Setting the scene:

The Deep is an award-winning aquarium, home to almost 5,000 animals, including sharks, rays, turtles, the UKs only pair of Green sawfish and a colony of Gentoo penguins.


The Deep Hull

The Deep Hull

As an education and conservation charity, The Deep’s ethos is ‘For Conservation, Not Profit’ which forms the basis of the business.

The Deep is very easy to get to straight off the A63 and signposted well. Parking was relatively straightforward, though we were caught out slightly as we had no cash on us whatsoever. I know. Just call me Queeny!

The parking machine did not take notes or cards, so a parking attendant in a bright yellow tabard was helping other people with changing their notes and directed me into the reception to pay and get my parking ticket – which we had to then run back and display on our car. Given that we’d parked in the car park the furthest away from the centre itself, we were a little huffy at this. Thankfully we had Archie, our 12-year-old son with us, so he was tasked with running back to the car and sorting out the ticket!

We arrived at 11am and it was busy, though the reception area was efficient, and the line was moving fast.

The exhibition started on the 3rd floor, and for a moment we considered queuing for the lifts, but conscious of the cake bars and crisps in our family pack-up, we took the stairs.

The start was fascinating, particularly for Archie, as it took you way back to the beginning of our solar system and how the planets were formed. We followed the timeline and learned how the oceans were formed and wondered at scary monsters, fascinating facts and fossils that were formed millions and millions of years ago. Mind-blowing stuff!


The Deep Hull


Mabel who’s almost 6 wasn’t interested in reading the information, but at every stage there were buttons to press, wheels to turn, things to spin – so, she, along with Martha who’s 10, spent their time running from one activity to the next. The gasps of surprise and excitement from my kids came when they saw the sharks for the first time. Then there were more when they saw the enormous Catfish and the spell-binding, mesmerizing jellyfish.

There were lots of educational activities going on for the children. My three all took part in rescuing a (toy) turtle from being tied up in a net and removed plastic from its tummy and received a sticker for their trouble. What kid doesn’t like getting a sticker?


Days out in hull


According to both girls the cutest things they saw (because cuteness is how you measure most things when you’re 5 and 10!) were the Gentoo penguins and the scariest was the large Stingray.


The Deep Hull


There are two cafes at The Deep. We stopped at a small picnic area near the Half Way Café and treated ourselves to a cup of tea (me) and a coffee (Husband). I duly noted that there were kids’ meals available for £3.50, which were a “pick five items from the bottom shelf” scenario. It all looked edible with healthy options available. The tea and coffee came to £3.50, though they were in tiny, thimble-like cups.

There were several mentions and art works on the topic of plastic in our oceans and I was delighted to see the bins were all split out for recycling. There was also a plaque in the toilets stating that the huge blue sink unit was created out of recycled plastic and yoghurt pots. How fabulous! It made me think that everyone could be doing so much more.


The Deep Hull

The Deep Hull


All in all, a highly recommended day out. It was a great way to educate my children about the oceans and help them to understand the impact of human behaviour on the oceans’ fascinating and beautiful creatures.

“By 2050,” Mabel read out loud from one of the blue plaques on the wall, “there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish!”

A somber thought indeed.

But, after reading about all the amazing worldwide conservation projects The Deep is involved in, you leave feeling that the future is not yet decided. That there is hope.

Thank you to The Deep for inviting me and my rabble. We all loved it!

With love,


To find out more visit Find out more about The Deep’s work, simply search for @thedeephull or visit https://www.thedeep.co.uk/plan-your-visit/latest-news





This is a Girl About review. I was invited by the management to dine at their restaurant free of charge in exchange for an honest and frank review. All my opinions are my own and in no way have they been swayed by their kind invite. Girl About reviews are always 100% honest. We only publish reviews that, for the most part, are positive.




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