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28th September 2018

Arlo & Jacob Open Their Harrogate Showroom Today!

25 WestPark, Harrogate  


Today (Friday 28th September) sees the opening of Arlo & Jacob in Harrogate. Earlier this week I was invited along to the stylish showroom on WestPark to have a snoop at their sofas and a chatter over chairs. Over a glass or two of bubbles of course. The showroom is enormous! But still very welcoming. It screams ultra-trendy New York-style loft apartment. Exposed brickwork, steal beams and expensive parquet-style wooden flooring dominates the space. I felt like an extra in Friends.

The Arlo & Jacob collection features decadent, deep and squidgy sofas available in a myriad of colours and textures – all of which you just want to curl up in. And a couple of mini guests did just that.  The collection also features modern, chic and expensive looking armchairs in fabulous bold prints and luxurious fabrics. And, pouffes. I love a good pouffe.




It’s all very evidently, expertly crafted with lots of attention to detail. I was escorted round the showroom by a lovely lady called Lara. I sank myself into the devilishly deep loveliness of the Harriet corner sofa and feverishly fluttered my eyelashes at the hubby when I spotted the bloody gorgeous velvet pink love seat. He was having none of it.

The highlight of the night was most certainly the “Bed in a Box.”  It really must be seen to be believed.

Arlo & Jacob is a great addition to the interiors scene in Harrogate. Their warm, non-pushy and well-informed staff along with the showroom’s beautifully crafted furniture makes mooching round a furniture shop a delightful experience. It’s a world away from DFS. Off to do more fluttering. That pink love seat is mine.  

Arlo & Jacob’s newest showroom is at 25 WestPark, Harrogate, HG1 1BJ www.arloandjacob.com

The Launch of Farrow & Ball’s New Colour Palette

Albert Street, Harrogate

Painting. I have never been particularly good at it. So, it was no surprise that I didn’t manage to stay inside the lines as I tried out Farrow & Ball’s new colours at their showroom on Albert Street in Harrogate. The showroom is beautiful and spacious, much larger and brighter than their old showroom on James Street. A lovely lady called Kathy introduced me to the new Farrow & Ball palette and explained the meanings behind the nine names. I’ve always been intrigued as to how they dream up such brilliantly bonkers names for paint. My kitchen is painted in ‘Moles Breath’ – a dark grey hue by Farrow & Ball. When we selected it (hubby and I) we did question the eccentric who decided that the colour of my kitchen cupboards was a good representation of the exhaled air of a mole. And I can’t imagine a mole cleans it teeth all that often.  

Farrow and Ball

Kathy explained that there is a meaning behind every paint name. Tell me more, Kathy…. Jitney – is a new sandy tone. Muted in its hues and soft and warm looking. Kathy explained that Jitney is the name of a bus that transports people from New York city out to the Hamptons, where they spend the weekend, yes, you guessed it….on the beach.

Sulking Room Pink? Well, this muted pale pink tone reminded the creative team at Farrow & Ball of the pinks that were popular in women’s boudoirs. ‘Boudoir’ actually means “to sulk” according to Kathy, and so Sulking Room Pink was born. How fabulous! I was then handed a glass of bubbles by a lovely lady called Ann-Marie and asked if I would like to try out their new paints. Wild horses couldn’t have stopped me – I love a good doodle. However, my doodles are not usually seen by anyone other than my five-year-old daughter, who is much better at staying inside the lines than me.  

Farrow and Ball

I painted my moth. The plan was to then upload my finished masterpiece on to an APP called BLIPPAR, where I would see my moth come to life on screen.  

Farrow and Ball

Unfortunately it wasn’t to be –  I took so long to colour the damn thing in that I ran out of time. I didn’t get to see my little moth flutter. Probably a good thing, given its frayed edges and blotchy wings. I had a lovely evening. Farrow & Ball’s nine new colours are gorgeous and have certainly inspired me to crack on with some home improvements sooner rather than later –  much to the hubby’s despair. Oh how I would just love to use their in-home colour consultancy to add a bit more personality to my home. I may need to butter hubby considerably to get this signed off. More eyelash fluttering. I was allowed to choose a couple of samples to take home and I chose the two new pinks for my girls: Sulking Room Pink and Rangwali. We will spend this weekend painting picture frames to hang in their bedrooms. Instead of picking up a brush, I may just offer guidance from afar. Given the state of my poor moth.

Visit Farrow & Ball’s Harrogate Showroom at 18-22 Albert Street, Harrogate. Click HERE to visit F&B’s website


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