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Our top five DIY food kits

By the Girl About London team – 5 July 2020

Our top five DIY food kits that will deliver to your door

You have to admit that the DIY food kit craze has really kicked off in lockdown. FOr many restaurants, it’s been a way for them to survive.  Collectively, we wanted to share some of our fave DIY foodie kits that a lot of the restaurants in London have made available in the last few months.

This weekend was a significant step forward – hailed as ‘Super Saturday’ -as pubs and restaurants up and down the country reopened their doors. Whilst part of me can’t wait, the other part is still slightly apprehensive. Anyone else? So by sharing these we thought it would be a good way to get that ‘restaurant feel’ in the comfort of your own PJs if you’re not quite ready to leave the house yet.

We’ve got everything covered for you to satisfy your sweet tooth, create pizza paradise, and build the best burgers in town. So stop what you’re doing and read on.

Get your pizza fix from Pizza Pilgrims
Everything comes delivered in a (very) on-brand pizza box with ready kneaded dough, mozzarella, fresh basil, tomato sauce, flour, and olive oil. There are instructions within the box itself and then also a YouTube video where you can watch James (the OG Pilgrim apparently). Even better, you don’t need a special pizza oven because it’s a frying pan pizza. Yep. You might be dubious (as was I) but it worked a treat!

How much and how do I get it?
£15 for two pizza’s (plus delivery – cost dependent on what date you get it delivered)
Visit their website or head to their Instagram page.

pizza pilgrims

Build your burger

You can now bring Patty&Bun experience into your own home with their DIY Kits! You receive all the ingredients they use to make ‘Ari Gold’ juicy burgers:

  • Signature HG Walter beef patties
  • Brioche buns (YUM)
  • Smokey P&B Mayo
  • Cheese slices for that perfect gooeyness
  • Pickled and caramelised onions
  • A how-to card

You’ll need to have lettuce, tomatoes, and ketchup at hand. I went a step further and made garlic rosemary fries because why not!! I went for the meat option. Putting it together is super simple and, the how-to card is helpful!

There’s even a vegan option –  you get plant-based patties along with their vegan cheese and ‘this is bacon’ rashers.

How much and how do I get it?

Each kit costs £25, plus delivery. You can upgrade and get 4x Patty Pils Beers too, for £33 per kit.

Order online via their website or visit their Instagram page.

Patty and Bun website.JPG

Perfecting your poke bowl

Lords of Poke DIY kit – I’ve tried Lords of Poke when they were based at Kerb on the Quay, so when they created their DIY kits, I was so excited to try them! All the packaging is compostable, so we can be proud we’re doing our little part for the environment! Each kit has all the ingredients included and comes in packs of two or four. They have easy to follow instructions and all you need is just some creativity to assemble your beautiful poke bowl! I had the Sriracha Salmon kit. It was so fresh and all the components worked so well together!

There are seven different types you could choose from – including vegetarian, fish, and chicken.

How much and how do I get it?
From £18 plus delivery, which will make two poke bowls. They are currently delivering everywhere inside the M25 on Thursdays and Saturdays and have a 2-day shelf life.  For more information, visit their website or head to their Instagram page.

Poke bowl

Doughnut Time DIY kits – ‘Dough-nut miss out!’

When Doughnut Time released their DIY kit I knew I couldn’t miss out on the fun! 4 plain ring doughnuts and all the accessories to create, not one but FOUR, of your very own Doughnut Time creations. Doughnut Time is known for its extravagant doughnuts and whacky titles so being able to create your own brings an extra element of fun.

What’s included:
Four ring doughnuts
Three tubes of icing – ready and prepared in piping bags
All the toppings you can imagine
Handy instruction guide

The package arrived the next day which was great and meant the doughnuts are still super fresh! Don’t wait too long to get started – I noted the expiry date was the day after they arrived.

Once your icing is on and set, then you can have some fun! You can decorate your doughnut just as you like. They even challenge you to make your creation and post it on social media using the hashtag ‘#letsgetglazed’ – check that out for some inspo before you start!

It’s such an easy and fun idea to fill some time and perfect for anyone with a sweet tooth! I’d highly recommend it for all ages – adults or children!

How much and how do I get it?
Price – £20 + £5 delivery
Visit their website or follow them on Instagram.

Doughnut view

Brunch goals from All Day Brunchers
A super simple DIY kit was delivered to me one Friday afternoon and I wanted to tuck in straight away! Minimum effort, maximum impact – this DIY brunch kit is ‘breakfast in bread’ – an item that they have on their menu in their restaurant in Hackney.

The epitome of easy brunching, there’s not much prep to do. The finished product is vacuum packed and delivered to you so all you have to do it heat it in the oven and top with an egg and some herbs (all supplied)

How much and how do I get it?
Four options from £14.50 each (The Original, the smoked salmon, the vegetarian and the vegan)
Can offer next day delivery anywhere in the UK. Cost applies.
Follow them on their website or head to their Instagram.

All day brunchers top
Lindsey Roberts EastLondon
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