Natalie Stock

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All About Natalie



A blonde twenty-something – known for hoops, happiness and headscarves. My writing style is somewhat of a wonderful mess. On paper mirrors in person. I feel it gives a real and trustworthy voice. I do use **** & **** because sometimes that’s the only word that will do. To write is art, and wouldn’t it be boring if we all wrote the same, that’s the beauty of blogging, right? Jokes and fun aside, my job allows me to of networked throughout the city and hugely within food and drink. I got married last year to my sweetheart and he tapped out a week later. Eighteen months on, I have landed a job I love and found a beautiful human to spend time with. I am living proof that you can do what you can’t. My city may be famous for foxes, tigers and kings but let’s give them a queen to love and listen to.

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10 Random Facts About Me


    1. My day job is a social media manager and content creator for a bar group.
    2. In my personal life, I try to complete the happiness challenge each and every day. I document this on my personal Instagram: @selflovestock
    3. I really love polka dots. Like really.
    4. I ran the London Marathon in 2017
    5. I am a little bit of a gin, beer and tea snob but doesn’t mean you won’t catch me being the first one on the dance floor with a vodka red bull.
    6. In 2018 I married my first love after a five-year relationship. Sadly within a week, he wanted to leave the marriage and relationship which was the biggest shock and hardest time of my life. I used social media to document falling in love with myself again and this led me to my dream job, being Girl About Leicester and meeting a lovely human.
    7. This is John aka Fitz and he is a lovely human who has put my heart back together again, we can’t wait to have more adventures together. This man is the reason I Believe in love.
    8. I’m the sort of gal that will throw you a massive compliment on a night out in the toilet.
    9. Just a twenty-something bumbling around my city and making memories, can’t wait to meet you all.