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All About Natalie



Hello! I’m Nat. I have a wonderful husband called Andrew, and an amazing daughter called Phoebe. We also have 2 fur babies – Eric and Daphne. They definitely love to keep us on our toes!

I am originally from a small seaside town in the North East of England but was always a country girl at heart. I remember watching ‘Escape to the Country’ and knowing that’s exactly what I wanted for my family. So, after a lot of discussions, planning and a few house-moves later, we finally found a little cottage in a pretty North Yorkshire village.

I love nothing more than getting out and about in this stunning County and feel so lucky to live somewhere so beautiful. As long as we have a flask of tea, we’re good to go. There is still so much we haven’t experienced yet, but we can’t wait to get started.

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10 Random Facts About Me


    1. I have been with my boyfriend, Keil, for 16 years. Our first date was on the 29th February which means we only get to celebrate properly every 4 years!
    2. I have a degree in Creative Writing and English Literature. I’ve always loved to write and went to uni as a mature 20-something student once I’d already bought my own home & had a mortgage to pay.
    3. I am listed on the Northern Power Women’s Future List as a female to watch in business.
    4. I run multiple online businesses. These include coaching female business owners in business & content marketing as well as founding some e-commerce shops one is based around sport and fitness and the other travel.
    5. One of my businesses, Voltage Sport, was a finalist in the Bradford Means Business Awards for New Business of the Year and last year it was listed as a Top 100 UK business.
    6. I don’t like rollercoasters or anything too scary but I did go skydiving when I was in Australia. Since then I’ve kept my feet firmly on the ground!
    7. Every year I organise the Nige Moore Memorial Road Race which is a cycle race in Bradford to help support the grassroots of the sport as well as honour the memory of a cycling friend.
    8. I love watching sport. I am always watching it on the TV & I often arrange my trips around the NFL, football or cycling.
    9. I have a passion for travel and my most visited places are Las Vegas and Barbados. I like to mix my trips up between going back to places I love and discovering somewhere new.
    10. Watching a film is one of my favourite ways to relax, I love to go to the cinema and I get far too excited when Oscar season rolls around each year.