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REVIEW My Little Farm Spa, West Yorkshire

By Emma Banks | 16 Jan 2019

Nestled in the beautiful Yorkshire countryside, a mere 15 mins from my front door, is a hidden gem – My Little Farm Spa. Picture the scene: a crisp, bright morning; the winter sun shining its little hat off and me driving down a farm track surrounded by sheep mooching about in frost tipped fields. Glorious.


I’m no stranger to a spa day and have slithered around a fair share of steam rooms in my time but what Claire, the owner, has here is nothing short of heavenly. After receiving a very warm welcome from our hosts my mum and I were shown around “The Cottage.”


This cosy and luxuriously decorated area comprises a couple of treatment rooms, bathroom and an open plan kitchen living space that wouldn’t look out of place in a glossy mag. I could have happily set up camp in there.


This isn’t your run of the mill hotel spa experience. It’s got the individual feel and personal touch right down to a T. Claire and Helen expertly guided us throughout the morning from hot tubs, heated huts, treatment rooms and dining areas barely clapping eyes on another soul!


You don’t have to share the hot tub (or any of the areas for that matter) with anyone other than the people in your party – so no awkward fidgeting in your swimwear necessary. There’s no locker key or combination code to lose or forget as your bags are always one step ahead of you (thanks again to the ever attentive ladies) and if you think you’re going to be given a naff, crusty sandwich as part of your deal then you’ve got another think coming.


We were very kindly offered the “Comfort and Joy” half day package which included drinks in the outdoor hot tub, a calming facial and deeply relaxing full back and neck massage followed by a delicious lunch – all in the most picturesque of settings.


I donned my swimming cossie, pulled on a woolly hat and submerged myself into 40 degree waters and felt at one with nature for the first time in my life – given half a chance I’d have probably hugged a tree! We couldn’t have picked a better day for it but I honestly don’t think a bad day exists here. It really is a “spa for all seasons.”

A quick hop, skip and a jump from the tub into the heated hut to dry off and slip back into our robes and we were off back to the cottage to have our treatments, which by the way were first rate and my skin had never smelled or felt so good! Helen worked her magic on me whilst Claire’s healing hands were in the other room with my mum.


We may have been on a farm but there was no feeling of being herded or rounded up at any point. We leisurely drank about 15 litres of water (stick a few slices of lemon in anything and we’ll down it!) and chatted away feeling a million miles from home! Before we knew it it was time for lunch in the beautifully spacious summerhouse.


What. A. Treat.


Everything was homemade and presented on a rustic wooden platter. We enjoyed soup, breads, olives, meats, cheese, savoury tarts, pate and salad. Not forgetting the raspberry trifles and chocolate pastries – all washed down with a glass or two of prosecco.


It truly is an oasis of calm and the feeling of exclusivity makes it a perfect retreat for couples or groups. It’s unique not only its surroundings but also in the excellent service you receive from the moment you drive onto the farm (once you’ve got over the excitement of seeing sheep as if you’ve never seen one before!)


And if you just don’t want to leave My Little Farm Spa you can even stay overnight in one of their snug shepherd huts or quirky glamping tents. Unfortunately, I had the school run to get back to or else I’d have stayed all week!


Thank you very much to everyone at My Little Farm Spa for the most enjoyable and rejuvenating Friday morning I’ve ever had.


Both my mum and I were treated to a seasonal half day package priced at £109pp.

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