Maria Butler

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All About Maria




Maria was born and bred in the lovely Spa town of Cheltenham, on the edge of the Cotswolds. She loves getting out and about and discovering new places, often with her two little ones at her side! She is looking forward to sharing her adventures with you all via Girl About Gloucestershire.

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10 Random Facts About Me


  1. I’m half Cypriot, sadly I don’t speak Greek but it’s on my (growing) list to learn!!
  2. I’m married to Stephen, we planned our wedding in three weeks…yes THREE WEEKS…three solid weeks of stress was well worth it, it was a perfect day and don’t think we’d of changed anything even if we had had three years or so to plan!
  3. I’m Mummy to two lovely children, four year old Jaxon and nine month old Zoey. They are currently the best of friends…just hope it stays that way!! Bets please?!!
  4. We share our home with three dogs. A labrador cross, a border collie, and a great dane cross neapolitan mastiff…yes she is big, yes she eats a lot, and yes we have a saddle for her!
  5. My guilty pleasure is chocolate…milk or white!
  6. I have just started C25K to help counteract fact 5…hopefully now I’ve put it here I will continue and reach the end of the course and keep at it!!
  7. My mission this year is to learn to crochet, I really want to make the family some funky matching bobble hats…watch this space!
  8. Stupidest thing I’ve done… Missed a flight home after an amazing all inclusive trip to Tenerife and had to pay more than the original total holiday cost to get a flight back!
  9. Craziest thing I’ve done… I wore a wedding dress EVERYWHERE I went for two weeks! This was part of a set of challenges I was given after being chosen as a finalist in a local competition to win a wedding. Unfortunately I didn’t win but have some funny stories from the experience!
  10. Bravest thing I’ve done… Not exactly keen on heights but my husband managed to persuade me to go up in a hot air balloon, I ended up absolutely loving it!