Hi there, I’m Lyndsey!

I’m mum to Teddy and Ferne, wife to Mr T, domestic goddess and a tourism marketing and communications entrepreneur.

Lyndsey Thomas


I was born in the West-Yorkshire city of Bradford in 1980 to a working-class family. My parents divorced (very messily) when I was 14, and a very bitter relationship with my dad lead me to elope to London with nothing but a suitcase of clothes at the tender age of 18. “We’ll give you 12 months before you’re back” were the words from many – those words made me even more eager to stay put in The Big Smoke and make my own successful way in life.

A girl from Bradford, with no university degree or a decent education, COULD make it…  and I did.

Through hard work, grit and determination I carved out a career that saw me quickly climb the career ladder into senior roles and jetting off all over North America for 10 years for a London-based tourism marketing agency with over 50 offices globally. I really did have the dream job for a decade – working for some of the world’s leading tourism brands to include ILoveNY, Hawaii Tourism Authority, Kennedy Space Centre and Ontario Tourism.


An example of an average day in my office was hanging off the CN Tower in Toronto!

The CN Tower EdgeWalk


I went on to start my own Tourism Marketing Agency in 2016 when I moved back to my home county of Yorkshire – around the same time as I started my blog. In 2018 I was awarded a £90,000 grant from The Visit England Fund / Visit Britain to develop luxury Yorkshire holidays for the US market.

I also continue to represent the extraordinary little Canadian city of St. John’s and the Province of Newfoundland & Labrador. I oversee all their sales and marketing activity on their behalf in the UK – it’s an extraordinary small corner of the world where icebergs float by and whales breach around the shores and it’s only a 5-hour flight from the UK!




I refer to my husband as Mr T – and not because he looks like Mr T from the A-Team.

We met speed dating can you believe? Long before Tinder and all that online dating malarkey. But proof that these crazy singles nights can work so don’t be defeated girls. He is out there.

Iain is my soul mate (a rather scruffy one who likes to sleep far too much), and in June 2018 we celebrated 10 crazy years of marriage – highlights being a wild and life-changing 12-month back-packing adventure around the world together followed much later by our two beautiful, crazy children – Teddy and Ferne.


Lyndsey Thomas

He’s a southerner who I eventually managed to convince to move to Yorkshire. He’s fallen in love with beautiful Yorkshire too and together we are re-discovering the county that we all now call home. If my kids want to elope to London at 18 as I did, I’ll support them, but for now, they are just fine breathing in Yorkshire’s fresh air, climbing Yorkshire’s mountains, swimming in Yorkshire’s rivers and swinging in Yorkshire’s trees.

In 2016 I started my blog – Girl About Yorkshire and three years later I’ve used my extensive tourism marketing and communications experience and my entrepreneurial spirit, took a chance, and created something that has the potential to be much much bigger. And Girl About was born.


I’m driven by success, travel and adventure –  not money and things.

I’ve travelled the world, sky-dived over Yorkshire and we spend our weekends’ hiking, and more recently, biking. I love photography too.

Lyndsey Thomas

Lyndsey Thomas

Lyndsey Thomas


My blog – Girl About Yorkshire – was my escape. A platform where I channelled my thoughts and shared my experiences.  I love to write – it’s very therapeutic and restorative and I know the more I write, the more I evolve as a person.

I am super excited to be able to open up my platform to women across the UK.

It’s no longer just about me, it’s about ‘WE’.

I hope you’ll come along for the ride!



Lyndsey Xx

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