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GIRL ABOUT SURREY | takeaway with Sorrel Suppers

By Sara Hardy– 17th February 2021
Luxury takeaway

Lockdown has given me a love hate relationship with cooking. I have loved getting the kids involved; having my little helpers has been a great way of getting them to practise their numbers and reading whilst doing something productive. Of course, it also brings a degree of monotony and cleaning the kitchen seems a relentless task!


Keen to incorporate some kind of structure to our period of lockdown, we have been treating ourselves to local takeaways every couple of weeks. As Valentines happened to fall last weekend, we opted for a completely new and somewhat mind-blowing experience.


Michelin starred Sorrel in Dorking created the ultimate luxury takeaway with Sorrel Suppers in early January, bringing into our homes all the flavours of discovery that you would expect to find on your plate at this first class restaurant. As always, the menu has been designed with the current season in mind and their sublime dishes are created using only the best seasonal produce. Luscious leeks, hearty soups and braised meats are just a few of Sorrel’s charming ways to celebrate winter through their food.


Rosemary Brioche, Abernethy Butter

Leek and Potato Soup, Smoked Egg Yolk, Lovage, Puff Potato

Cured Salmon, Lapsang Souchong Tea, Salmon Caviar, Watercress, Celeriac Remoulade

Slow-cooked Short Rib of Beef, Roasted Cauliflower, Parsley, Yeast, Seaweed Potato

Rum Baba, Spiced Pineapple, Chamomile Chantilly

Rose and Champagne Jelly

Cep Caramel Truffle


The team at Sorrel, led by Head Chef Steve Drake have worked tirelessly to bring Sorrel Suppers to Surrey residents which have proved extremely popular, selling out on every occasion. Each supper has been thoughtfully prepared, packaged and labelled to enable you to bring this extravagant and complex meal together at home with ease. With beautiful Sorrel candles in each box and the opportunity to purchase aprons too, the dynamic couple behind Sorrel are pulling out all the stops to bring love in lockdown through their luxury takeaway experience.


During an Instagram Live on Saturday evening, Chef Steve together his wife Laura talked us through the preparation of the meal and shared tips on bringing his beautiful artistry to our table. It gave us an opportunity to ask questions (an easy to follow instruction card was also included in the box) and discuss some of the wine pairings which had been put together by Sorrel sommelier, Alex.

Our first task was to warm the rosemary brioche in the oven for a few minutes. The brioche had a perfect crispness to the outside and a warm soft centre which allowed the savoury Abernethy butter to absorb; so simple and utterly delightful. Confident that these were a mere teaser for what was to come, it was on to the starter.


This multifaceted and delicate soup was a far cry from my image of this otherwise traditional dish. The soup needed warming in the bag in a pan of water (or eaten cold if you preferred), and the other components could simply be piped straight from the bag into the serving bowl. Adding drops of the creamy smoked egg yolk followed by dashes of the intensely flavoured celery lovage oil complimented the leeks perfectly. Finally, the puff potato gave the soup an extra layer of texture; by far the best croutons I have ever eaten. We were recommended a Blanc de Blancs with the soup so this seemed the perfect opportunity to open the Greyfriars that we had been saving for a special occasion.


The fish course could not have been easier to put together; the citrus and Lapsang Souchong tea cured salmon and had already been laid out on paper so all we needed to do was turn it onto a plate. Next, we layered up the celeriac remoulade which brought a mustard acidity to the dish, complimenting the creamy taste of the cured salmon and the natural smokiness of the tea.  With a topping of salmon caviar and a sprinkle of peppery watercress, the masterpiece was complete.


So far, we were doing great, the dishes looked and certainly tasted nothing like I could ever create on my own.


The short rib of beef main course had been marinated in red wine for twenty-four hours and cooked slowly for four hours, making it so soft and rich it melted in your mouth. The memories I hold for boil in the bag meals refer back to Duke of Edinburgh circa 1996 and bleak nights camping on Dartmoor. Never will I think of a boil in the bag meal in the same way again; this was another level.


All we needed to do was warm the bag of succulent beef and the bag of velvety seaweed potato in a pan of water then serve. The smooth potato balanced the rich intensity of the beef, and the seaweed brought a little saltiness to the party. Roasted oyster mushrooms and cauliflower had been prepared ready for us to heat through and sprinkle with roasted yeast which is a taste sensation so incredible it leaves your tastebuds dancing. Topped with the parsley gremolata, this was mastery on a plate and a real picture of a hearty winter’s meal.


To finish was the rum baba, an absolute showstopper of dessert! Our role was minimal, we left the babas in a pan to soak up the sugary sweet syrup provided and then soak them further with Captain Morgan’s rum (also provided).  To serve, we placed the heavily sodden baba upon slices of marinated pineapple and topped it with a healthy dollop of chamomile Chantilly cream. I would run out of adjectives trying to describe this dish so I will leave it at nothing short of heavenly.


The perfect end to this perfect luxury takeaway was a rose and champagne jelly together with a cep caramel truffle which had beautifully delicate flavours running through them and discernible craftsmanship behind every piece.


Sorrel has once again retained its Michelin star this year and the Sorrel Supper box had all the ingenuity and excellence you would expect when visiting this exceptional restaurant. It is little surprise that it has featured in The Times,  Condé Nast Traveler, The Caterer Mag and Surrey Life Magazine to name but a few.


The next Sorrel Supper is planned for 27th February, sign up to their mailing list to get the latest information on how to order and menus. To enable those not local to Dorking to collect, Sorrel have teamed up with some of wonderful independent businesses to provide local collection points; these include Nest Home and Café in Ripley, Cherfold Flowers in Hambledon and Nest Stay in Pulborough. They are also working on a new website to make ordering even easier.


I cannot recommend the Sorrel Supper luxury takeaway experience enough; the enjoyment we had following along with the live session and then recreating the dishes in our own home was wonderful. Needless to say, eating it was thoroughly delightful too and worth every penny. The restaurant in Dorking was recently featured in The Times Top 20 sexiest restaurants in the UK. Located only fifty minutes from London by train and easily accessed via the M25, we cannot wait to visit in person when restrictions ease.



Sara x


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Photo Credits with my thanks: Paul Judd Food Photography. Sorrel Restaurant Dorking

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