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REVIEW | The Lost & Found Bar & Restaurant, Sheffield

11th April 2019

Cocktails and Chandeliers at The Lost & Found

Ecclesall Road has been my stomping ground for over a decade, and although my years of whittling most of my money on nights out, takeaway and clothes have long gone, I do keep my eye and heart close to the retailers that come and (sadly) go. So when I saw one of the most beautiful buildings, previously the Pointing Dog, on the street being renovated into the Lost & Found, I was intrigued to find out more.

The Lost & Found is a small collection of avant-garde cocktail bars and restaurants across the UK, with each providing a dining experience that reflects a mythical Victorian professor. Horticulture-inspired ‘Victoria B. Darcy’ is the stimulus behind Ecclesall Road’s new destination, which gives context to the beautiful cherry blossom blooming over of the front door that caught my eye a few months ago.

Lost & Found

A restaurant review means you want to know how good the food is, so I’ll jump straight to the point – it’s excellent and I would definitely recommend going. I’ve thought about my main course more than should be normal over the last few days, and without a doubt will return to devour another portion of the succulent duck. Cooked to perfection, the duck was the best I’ve tasted outside of France. Pink without being too rare, with crispy skin and excellent seasoning. The soft, sticky and sweet veg and glass of Malbec complimented the meat really well too.

Lost & Found

The other food was also good. I started with crispy squid and chorizo, accompanied with some rich aioli. My friend Alice can’t resist arancini, so picked the truffle and parmesan variety on offer. Both were a tasty start to meal without being too filling. Alice’s main course was a Wagyu burger, an impressive stack of meat and cheese that would comfortably satisfy someone with a bigger appetite.

However, the desserts are the second reason I will be returning to the Lost & Found – there were too many tempting offers to pick from. After much deliberation I opted for the peanut butter parfait.  A slab of indulgent creamy pudding was put in front of me, and could have easily satisfied two people. But in true Yorkshire style I polished off the lot. It was far too tasty to let any go to waste. The combination of the salty sesame seed brittle, crunchy honeycomb, sticky cameral bananas and smooth sweetness of the parfait was a delight. Alice’s Eton mess was equally as enjoyable, and quite possible the prettiest “mess” I have ever seen. Next time, without a doubt, I will definitely be trying the millionaire shortbread.

Lost & Found

The Lost & Found has the most beautiful bar down Ecclesall Road and is my third reason for returning, as I would like to go back with my husband one evening to enjoy a few drinks. The spirit bottle backdrop, sparkling chandelier and stylish seating makes for a really nice ambience to enjoy a couple of cocktails.

Lost & Found

This is actually quite a statement for me, as I am not a cocktail drinker. I find it impossible to buy a cocktail I enjoy, usually going for something far too strong or ridiculously sweet, so gave up trying a few years ago. But the Lost & Found has created an ingenious graph plotting all their drinks along an axis of sweet vs dry, and strong vs light, which helped me whittle down the 37 cocktails to one to kick start our meal in the restaurant.

‘A penny for the cat’ was a mix of gin, prosecco, lemon juice, almond syrup and cranberry juice, which are all flavours I enjoy and combined was delicious. It was smooth, with a nice touch of sweetness, and slipped down far too easily. I now finally understand why people enjoy drinking cocktails!

Lost & Found

Overall I genuinely enjoyed our evening at the Lost & Found. I loved the wild garden décor throughout the building, it created an elegant yet somehow calming atmosphere to enjoy our meal, and even though the restaurant was busy there was a gentle buzz of activity. The food tasted great, with plenty of choice to suit anyone’s palette, combined with fab drinks.  A winning formula for a great evening out!

If you are looking for an excuse to catch up with some friends or treat yourself to a nice cocktail, then definitely head to the Lost & Found.

Thank you Lost & Found for inviting us to try out your menu, it was a real treat.

Both our cocktails cost £8.95, with our starters of arancini costing £7.50 and squid £8. The duck main course was £16.50 and Wagyu burger £13.50, and our delicious desserts were £7 for the parfait and £7.50 for the Eton mess.


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