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REVIEW | Kelham Island Food Tour in “The Shoreditch of the North” – Sheffield

By Vicky Jones – 05th December 2019

Why I loved Kelham Island Food Tour:
Because Kelham Island Food Tour showcases Sheffield at its best. It captures the city’s love of food, creativity and heritage whilst supporting and promoting some brilliant independent businesses.


Worth paying a babysitter?
If you’ve got friends visiting, this is a lovely way to spend a few hours. It’s a daytime adventure around Kelham Island trying lots of delicious and unusual food. I loved going with a friend, it’s so rare we spend time in the day without the kids it made the afternoon even more enjoyable.


Lots of really great food that will provide your breakfast, lunch and dinner quota. Discover lots of great independents tucked into unusual spaces and leave with a long list of places to go back and try.


Value for money: (6 out of 10)
The Taste of Kelham Island Tour costs £38, which gets you six food stops over two hours with one alcoholic beverage. On reflection I’d rather have one less stop to incorporate a second drink as there is a LOT of food and we bought a few drinks along the way, so costs can easily start to add up.


Setting the scene:
To summarise: If you love food, and don’t know Sheffield very well then the Kelham Island Food Tour could be the one for you. It’s a great way to spend an afternoon, filled with many tasty delights whilst discovering new places around the much loved industrial part of town.

The first time I ventured away from my city centre haunts was shortly after finishing uni, when we discovered the Fat Cat pub and (more importantly) £2 pints of ale. It dumbfounded us that we’d never even heard of this part of town, so finding such an amazing place to drink after four years living in Sheffield was quite a late discovery! But although the cheap beer lured us initially, Kelham Island still remains at the top for places to go on a night out.

While the Fat Cat has been around for longer than I’ve been alive, a lot of its neighbours are relatively new to the area. Once a thriving industrial Sheffield district, housing lots of the city’s cutlery and steel works, its recent regeneration and new housing has transformed the area and attracted a wealth of small producers and innovative places to eat and drink.

Kelham Island is often dubbed “the Shoreditch of the North” with its new bars and eateries, and it’s easy to feel like you’re missing out on ‘the next big thing’ as the area is a network of small streets and old factories. Cue Kelham Island Food Tours. The one-stop-shop for providing all your culinary needs in a whistle-stop tour around the industrial streets.

Being a foodie, this kind of experience is ideal for me – the bigger variety of food I can try the better! So with my comfy boots and trousers with a bit of space to expand, and bezzie by my side, we were ready and waiting at the Cutlery Works to kick off an afternoon of gorging.

The tour:

Ten of us sat eagerly around a table for the first of our six locations inside the recently renovated Cutlery Works. It used to be, as you might have guessed, a cutlery works, but is now the largest foodhall in the north of England, spread out over two floors featuring a mixture of permanent and semi-permanent restaurants, communal dining spaces, bars and coffee roasters.

The Jar Bar specializes in Balkan Cuisine with a Middle-Eastern/Greek influence. Within minutes our table was filled with platters of succulent barbeque meats, flat breads, salads packed with feta and olives and halloumi.



They introduce you to places that you might not consider on your own, but you will most definitely enjoy. It was one of the heavier courses of our tour, but the perfect kick off to our food journey.

Then from Cutlery Works it was a hop, skip and a jump around the corner to Church, Temple of Fun. Housed in the listed Osborn Works, Church is home to Sheffield’s first arcade bar and the décor is inspired by South American religious iconography, and they have a 100% vegan bar and food by eatery Make No Bones.

Being completely honest, I’ve never been drawn to food that aims to look and taste like meat but isn’t, but Make no Bones was a brilliant addition to the tour for being a little more unusual. It was interesting sampling Korean-style wings made with cauliflower and “born again ribs” made with seitan, which is a wheat-based protein. I think even a die-hard meat-eater would be swayed by some of the dishes on the menu.

I won’t spoil the rest of the tour by telling you exactly where we went and what we ate, but I will say it included some traditional food with a twist, a few sweet treats and plenty of dishes from different continents.

If you enjoy food and sampling lots of small delights, find your favourite foodie friends, book the Kelham Island Food Tour and embrace all the different dishes that come your way and learn more about this great spot in Sheffield. With every corner we turned another quirky establishment was added to my must-visit food and drink list for Sheffield.

In terms of the tour content, it was food heavy but fact light. We weren’t given as much detailed information and anecdotes about the area and its history as other tours I have been on in different cities. I enjoy a food tour as much for the detail you learn about the area as the food you try – but as this is a fairly newly established tour I’m sure with some extra research this will develop in time.

Thank you for having us Kelham Island Food Tours, it was a really enjoyable afternoon.


 With love

Vicky x

To find out more visit https://www.kelhamislandfoodtours.co.uk/


This is a Girl About review. I was invited by the management free of charge in exchange for an honest and frank review. All my opinions are my own and in no way have they been swayed by their kind invite. Girl About reviews are always 100% honest. We only publish reviews that, for the most part, are positive.

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