Jessica Gudgeon

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All About Jessica



I’m Jess. I’ve lived in North Yorkshire most of my life but recently moved to a barn conversion in the beautiful rolling countryside in West Wales. We moved to Wales to be closer to my parents who are semi-retired and bought a small farm. When I’m not helping on my parent’s farm, you can find me running the farm shop at a Glamping and caravan Park in Aberaeron.

8 years ago I met Chris when we were working in the hospitality industry together. We got engaged last year in Amsterdam and have 4-year-old twins, Poppy and Charlie. Chris is a chef, so we spent a lot of time trying out new restaurants and eateries in the area to get ideas. All in the name of research of course! As a family we love going to the beach, we are really lucky in that our local beach is only a 10-minute drive away.

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10 Random Facts About Me


    1. I dislike ice cream and sweets. I’m weird I know.
    2. Love dogs, can’t let one walk past without a stroke and cuddle
    3. I’ve never broken a bone in my body
    4. We are the first to have twins in both our families. Nobody has had twins in the generations before us.
    5. I’m trying to live an eco-conscious life
    6. I am training to be a butcher and doing a workplace course in Butchery!
    7. I adore coffee and everything about it.
    8. I’m terrified of heights
    9. I love wildlife and nature
    10. I’m a country girl and avoid going into bigger cities or towns where possible!