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7th April 2019

Whether you are looking to build your personal brand on Instagram or want to use it for fun to share your own experiences, it’s nice to make your Instagram look good.

No matter whether you only post photos to your feed, use the stories feature or a mixture of the two (which is what I recommend) it’s good to be creative and stand out from the crowd.

Here are 5 of my favourite Instagram apps to help you edit your photos, make your stories stand out and allow you to experiment with your creativity.

Instagram apps

A Color Story

This app is the only app you need for editing your photos.  The app comes with some free filters (which I think are very good ones) plus you can make in-app purchases if there is a certain filter pack you like the look of.  As well as adding filters you can adjust the brightness, contrast and one of my favourites is the blur tool.  A Color Story also allows you to connect your Instagram feed so you can check how your new photo will look before you post.



One of the questions I often get asked is how I edit my Instagram Stories to look different.  My go-to app is Unfold.  It has some great free designs and you can purchase more packs as you get more creative.  This is a good app to use if you want to include more than one image in your story.



This is a new app but one I already love for editing videos which you can post to either your feed or your story.  Filmm is a collaboration between the creators of A Color Story (see above) and vlogging royalty Zoe Sugg.  Currently, you can add filters to your videos and I know they have more features coming in the future. 



If you want to make some pretty graphics then Canva is the place to go.  I always use Canva to create quotes, you can also use it for your Instagram story highlights and other social media headers.



You might think this is a cheat but hear me out!  Instagram has so many great features you can utilise, especially when you are creating Instagram stories.  Take advantage of the features they provide such as gifs, location tags and stickers.  Also by using the app itself, it can save you time when you’re in a hurry but still want your story to stand out.


I can’t wait to see you taking these tools to make your Instagram account stand out whether you are posting to your feed or creating your own stories.  Tag @girlaboutblogsquad so we can see what you are sharing!

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