21st March 2016

And the Cow & Calf – Ilkley, West Yorkshire

When I’m feeling blue, all I have to do, is take a look at you.

Those of you that have read the ‘about me’ page will know that I’m one of the many who have had to deal with a dollop of the dreaded ‘D’ word.

That pesky black cloud that hovers over some of us, sometimes for longer periods than others. Like many I’m sure, I tried to keep a lid on the ‘dark side’ for some time. Having a regular word with myself; telling myself to stop being so miserable, despondent, uninterested. But worst of all, for being a failing mum – regularly questioning why I didn’t really care about much at all.

For me the ‘D’ word kicked in after the birth of my daughter. For over a year I kept a lid on it hoping that I’d stop feeling sorry for myself and get a damn grip. My life was/is pretty good on paper. But that’s the easiest thing to say and the hardest thing to do when the dreaded ‘D’ takes hold as many of you will know.

Recently I’ve been making a conscious effort to get out and head for somewhere beautiful when I’m feeling blue. I’m lucky enough to live in a part of Yorkshire that is busting at the seams with areas of outstanding beauty. Even if it’s just for thirty minutes once or twice a week; I make an effort to get in my car and drive somewhere and climb to the top of a hill and just have a little time to myself whilst soaking up the beauty around me.

For some it’s the waves crashing against a deserted beach that helps to alleviate the black cloud; for others it might be a forest or a wood. For me it’s the Yorkshire Moors.

Today I took my Nikon up to the Cow and Calf just outside of Ilkley town so I could capture the beauty of this place just before sunset and share it with you all.

It may not cure me of the ‘D’ word, but it certainly helps. A lot.


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  1. Lisa Mcloughlin

    Truly magical photos Lyndsey. I might have to save one as my screen saver as a reminder of how I too need to get out more often and take in our fantastic Yorkshire scenery. Since I have always lived locally I must admit that I don’t always appreciate the hills and landscape as it has always been there! This summer I must take more time for a walk with some Yorshire fresh air. Since I don’t have a dog to walk maybe I should treat myself to a camera instead!

    • Lyndsey Thomas

      Thank you Lisa. Get yourself a camera it really is a great buzz to take pictures of the outstanding scenery that we live literally on top of. Shout if you do and want some tips or even a walk with me.

  2. Lisa Mcloughlin

    Thanks Lyndsey. I’ve enjoyed your photos and reading your blogs. Wrote with insight and relates to the family life I can relate to.


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