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My 3 TIPS on how to have the most amazing holiday in 2021 & how to avoid hugely inflated prices – save as much as £1400 on flights next summer using my simple advice

By Lyndsey Thomas – 1st September 2020

I’m going to share with you my three top tips for getting amazing holiday deals in 2021 – and also an amazing holiday from start to finish…


The travel industry is counting on a bumper 2021.

Many travel businesses and operators are also banking on holidaymakers being prepared to spend more on their holidays in 2021 because they have missed out on a holiday abroad in 2020.

This means hugely inflated prices – high demand means airlines, hotels and tour operators are hiking prices by as much as 50% for next year!

My own sister was told she would have to pay another £600 to change her flight dates from August 2020 to August 2021 – on top of the £800 she paid for four flights to Portugal originally. Pretty disgusting don’t you think?

Dynamic pricing is a well used strategy in the travel industry and causes variation in fares.

Fares rise and fall with demand.

And of course Summer 2021 is going to be very much in-demand where holidays abroad are concerned.

To get what you want in those popular resort destinations you need to be thinking about booking well ahead – as early as now. The demand is going to way outstrip the supply.

My industry contacts who manage tour operator businesses that specialise in holidays in the Middle East and Far East are seeing increases of anywhere up to 45% on holidays to popular destinations such as Thailand and Dubai.

And flights to popular beach destinations in Europe have already sky-rocketed in price.


My TOP TIP #1 ‘Go here instead’


The best way around paying through the nose for a holiday in 2021 is to consider less popular, alternative destinations in Europe such as Bulgaria, Romania, Croatia and Turkey and lesser-known parts of Spain, Portugal, Greece and Italy.

If you are prepared to look outside the popular holiday resort box and try somewhere a little less common (but probably ten times more authentic and charming), then it’s likely you’ll get cheaper flights and more choice of accommodation within your budget, and a better standard of accommodation too.

You might even be able to squeeze in two trips away for the price of one depending on your budget,  if you play it savvy.

Make up for the foreign holiday you missed out on in 2020 🙂



Elba – a secret Italian island with beaches that rival the Caribbean

For example, we’ve just priced up a 10 night Italy itinerary – exclusive to Girl About Travel  – and the price, including flights, is ‘from £1099 per person half-board‘, staying in an incredible hotel. OK this is priced up for May, but if you don’t leave it too late, you’ll still get a much better deal on Elba than you would in Lanzarote for example, in the summer holidays.

(This itinerary is just one of a few itineraries we have created and they are available to download in our Girl About Travel Community on Facebook – join HERE).

If you would like more info on the island of Elba as an alternative summer holiday destination – have a quick read of Girl About’s Travel Editor – Rebecca Miles’ article on her experience on Elba with her family – she raves about the island >> READ THE ARTICLE HERE 

My TOP TIP #2 – Save hundreds of pounds by flying into a city and transferring from there


Another tip – book a summer holiday destination that involves flying into a major city first and connecting from there.

So for example, if you are going to the Greek Islands, it’s probably going to be cheaper to fly into Athens and then take the ferry to your chosen island.  City breaks aren’t as popular in the height of summer, especially in cities like Athens where it’s unbearably hot even for the locals in August, so flight prices are driven down, rather than up.

My family and I did exactly this last month – we flew into Athens and took a 45-minute connecting flight to the incredible island of Naxos – here’s my article from 2019 on Greek island-hopping with kids and why Naxos is so special. 

I’ve just done a quick price comparison on Easyjet.com – flying into Heraklion International Airport on the Greek island of Crete versus flying into Athens International Airport on 31st July 2021 – many of the Greek Islands are easily accessible from Athens by connecting flight and ferry from the port of Athens – Athens is a coastal city.


Well… the search results speak for themselves! 



Today, the cost for four return flights for a family of four flying into Crete on 31st July with Easyjet is over £1400 more expensive in total than flying on the same dates into Athens. 

>> My advice to you, especially now in the midst of Covid19, is that you book your holiday with a human (a reputable travel agent). Low-cost airline flights can be booked via a travel agent at no extra cost to you and this way you’re covered by the travel agent’s bonding. Should anything go wrong it’s also up to them to deal with the airline – not you. 


The logistical hassle is always worth it when you get to your final port of call

The idea of holidaying somewhere that’s a little bit off-the-beaten-track can be a little bit daunting and a bit of a pain in the arse for some, especially if it involves lengthy drives at the other end, ferry crossings or a connecting flight.

But, in my humble experience, a little bit of extra hassle getting to our final destination has always, 100% of the time, rewarded us with the most incredible holiday experience and a million amazing memories.

Breathtaking locations, much more charming accommodation, spectacular beaches and loads of money saved on dining out and drinking litres of the local wine.

And an all-round more authentic experience.



However, the hassle of finding the right hotel is a ball ache

I’m ok with the little extra hassle of travelling to somewhere less familiar, but I hate the hassle that comes with trying to find the perfect-fit hotel for us in our chosen destination.

And the hassle that comes with researching these lesser-known destinations is a ball ache too.

Flitting between articles online, reading reviews, and blogs – there is such an overload of info out there.



My TOP TIP #3 – Join our Girl About Travel Club for less than £7 a month


Come and join us as a Member when we open up our membership in 2 weeks time and you’ll have all the expert advice you need at your fingertips for less than £7 A MONTH!

My travel-expert-led team and I will be on-hand to help you navigate through the complexities and stress that is planning, researching and booking holidays.

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It’s been my mission to for some time to create a female-driven travel club that gives like-minded women a platform to share your off-the-beaten-track holiday experiences and I’ve been working on the Girl About Travel Club for well over a year.

My mission is also to give you the confidence to travel to destinations that might not be no.1 on the popular Brit holiday resort list (my idea of hell if I’m honest).

And to empower you to actually enjoy the planning and researching that goes into creating amazing holiday itineraries.

So that’s what I’m doing – alongside several incredible purpose-driven female travel industry experts.

After 18 months of hard work, and in the midst of a global pandemic we are just about ready to open the virtual doors to what I hope will be an amazing and positive space for all travel-loving women across the UK who want expert-led advice and help planning holidays that can’t be Googled, and won’t cost the earth!

Because we are not about expensive for expensive sake, we are about making amazing memories and we are about taking the hassle and anxiety out of holiday planning and booking.

We are opening the doors in two weeks time with a founding-member membership for just £99 per person right through to the end of 2021.

That’s £8.25 a month with 3 months free, or £6.60 a month if you divide £99 by 15. BARGAIN!





The first amazing hotel collection of many…

We are launching the Girl About Travel Club with our 1st collection (of many) of 50 Amazing Family-Friendly Hidden Gem Hotels. These hotels have been cherry-picked over the course of a year and are the type of hotels you won’t find in a tour operator brochure.

amazing hotels

Amazing hidden gems that ooze charm.

Homes-away-from-home in the most incredible locations across France, Italy, Spain, Greece, Croatia and Portugal.

The Girl About Travel team, including myself, have spent a lot of time hunting for hotels that we believe deserve to feature in this list.

You won’t find high-rise buildings packed with hundreds of hotel rooms, nor will you find big business centres and ostentatious lobbies with over-the-top check-in desks.

We’ve chosen these hotels because they offer something above and beyond the norm, whether that’s their location, or their services, or simply their spirit.

We’ve rated these hotels out of five for location, value, facilities and overall Girl About experience.


Take our quiz – find your perfect-fit hidden gem


We’ve just launched our Hidden-Gem Hotel Quiz which aims to match you up with your perfect-fit hotel out of the collection, so for a sneak-peak of the collection and the types of hotels it includes, have a go at the quiz – it takes about 30 seconds of your time.

And, if when you receive your perfect-fit holiday by email you love what you see, then make sure you sign up for our Girl About Travel Club Extravaganza event in less than three weeks time – an opportunity for you to get your hands on all 50 of these incredible hotels.

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AND > If you want to test-drive the Girl About Travel Club ahead of Membership opening, we are running a Travel Extravaganza on the 19th & 20th of September and we are inviting you to join in with this amazing expert-packed event online.

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I can’t wait to open the Travel Club doors and watch this initiative grow into an amazing community of like-minded, travel-loving women.

Myself and the Girl About Travel team of experts are right here, on your side, to help you plan incredible hotels without losing the will to live, and to ensure that you make a million amazing memories with your loved ones ❤❤

Lyndsey x

Girl About’s Founder & Travel Industry Expert


Lyndsey Thomas
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