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GREAT GIFT IDEAS FOR HIM | He’ll love this

immersive Crime Scene Investigation Experience in Yorkshire

BY EMMA BANKS | 11 Dec 2019

Why we loved The CSI Experience…
A truly unique “day date” experience that we’ll remember for a long time. It was very well organised and offered something completely different from the norm. From the get-go we were both fully engaged with the hands-on activities and the three hours whizzed by.


£59 per person


This would make a great gift experience for?
Anyone who fancies themselves a bit of a sleuth. If you’re an armchair detective and work out “whodunnit” before Poirot even twiddled his moustache or love watching real crime documentaries then this is for you. Vouchers don’t have to be bought in pairs but I would say that to get the most out of the experience you’d be best off going with a like-minded, crime-fighting friend.


Length of experience: 3 hours


Location: Skelmanthorpe (20 minutes outside of Huddersfield town centre)


Setting the (crime) scene:

Matt and I went into this experience fairly blind. We thought it might be like a murder mystery/escape room style activity but it was so much better.


Upon arrival we (and the other 6 participants) all gathered in the briefing room around a big conference table – this would be our base for the day where we kept returning to with evidence to share and cross-reference.


After the usual introductions, the friendly and very knowledgeable staff (who all work in the CSI field as their day jobs) set off by teaching us how to take fingerprints, lift footprints – or shoe impressions as they are officially called – and lots of other investigative skills that we would need later on when we were thrown into solving a crime of our own.

Split into two teams we donned our protective white suits, face masks and latex gloves (so as not to contaminate the crime scene obviously!) and were given a CSI tool kit complete with camera, electrostatic dust lifter, evidence bags, police tape and swab sets – basically everything you need when “there’s been a murder”.


What happened next I was not expecting! Through the doors and along a corridor were purpose built sets. Rooms, cars, furniture, front gardens and bodies to inspect and unearth potential case solving clues! Along with the guidance from the experts you and your team go about collecting vital details and radioing across to the other team to see if they can help piece it all together.


After about an hour and half both groups reconvened in the briefing room and put all our findings together on the investigation board. To wrap things up our CSI host, Paul, took us through a very similar real life crime that mirrored the one we’d be working on and how it came to a successful conviction.

Case closed and off we went feeling like we needed a career change and could give Horatio Caine a run for his money.


Get it booked – he’ll love it… and you will too!


To find out more and to purchase vouchers for Christmas visit:

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