Have A Heart

The #HaveAHeart yellow heart symbolises friendship, happy and trustful love.

Yellow stands for happiness and optimism, loyalty and joy.

Our #HaveAHeart campaign is a gentle way of helping females who may be suffering in silence, with every day worries.

An initiative that brings women together, with something that makes an impact in the real world through face-to-face interaction.

The hearts come in pairs so you can gift one to someone who is cherished.

Wear your heart on your sleeve to push the power of kindness and gift one to someone special.

Brighten her day with a heart and a smile. 


Our yellow #HaveAHeart pins are £5 a pair.

Including postage and packing and come with a personalised message to gift alongside one of the pins.

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We’re on a mission to push the power of kindness and are encouraging women to support women

Gift a yellow #HaveAHeart pin to someone you love – just the smallest of gesture of kindness can change the course of someone’s day

Wear your #HaveAHeart pin and spread the love!

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Thank you for supporting our campaign and pushing the power of kindness.

All profits go to MIND – a charity close to our own hearts.


Lyndsey Thomas

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