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To cut through your information overload and to try and provide some clarity on the situation, we’ve answered 10 key questions as frankly and honestly as anyone can right now


We’ve each worked in the travel industry for 20 years; we know where to turn and who to ask for the most credible and reliable insights, and we’re sharing them with you. As things inevitably evolve we’ll be updating this document with the latest developments. This is current as of 15th May 2020. Sign up to receive the latest weekly update direct to your inbox. Just the facts, without the information overload.

Soon, really soon, we’ll be off exploring again, but until then please stay safe and follow the latest government guidelines.


Lyndsey & Rebecca x


Lyndsey Thomas – Girl About Founder & Global Travel Industry Expert

I’m a travel industry expert and a very well-travelled mum. Using my 20 years of global travel industry experience gained from working on behalf of major international tourism brands and my behind-the-scenes access to major UK tour operators and airlines I’m bringing you regular travel truths and my honest opinions. I want you to make well-informed travel choices that result in the most amazing memories for you and your loved ones. MY TRAVEL TRUTHS ARTICLES


Rebecca Miles – Girl About Travel Editor & Freelance Travel Journalist

I’m a freelance travel journalist and regularly write for the Telegraph, the Independent and EasyJet Traveller. Now with my young daughter in tow, family travel is my focus – to inspire the next generation to explore the world and see what’s around the corner. I’ll be inspiriting you with the authentic, the unusual and the beautiful. Be it with family, friends, partners or ourselves, here are the ideas you need to make memories to cherish.

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We’re as excited as kids the night before their Summer hols waiting for the launch of the Girl About Travel Club.  We’ve taken everything our readers love about Girl About, plus all our insider travel knowledge and expertise and rolled it up into one big kick-ass, wanderlust-focused, women-only travel club. The Girl About Travel Club is for women who are serious about travelling our way. Members get access to our curated step-by-step itineraries, expert panels, special offers, a community forum and lots more. With an affordable annual membership, you’ll join forces with a community of women and mums across the country who want to swap and share travel ideas and inspiration, just like you. With plenty of travel knowledge and advice on-hand from our travel planning experts, you can look forward to tailor-made, perfect-for-you, family holidays. So, if you never want to struggle to find the right getaway again, keep your eyes peeled for its launch.

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