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5 Beautiful Flower Walks In North Yorkshire

By Natalie Johnson – 11th March 2021

Here are 5 of my favourite flower walks in North Yorkshire


As spring is approaching and the weather is warming up. Now is the perfect time to get outside and take in the Gorgeous Yorkshire scenery and those beautiful floral blooms.


Get your floral fix with my 5 beautiful flower walks in North Yorkshire.


Askrigg Bottoms meadow walk

Askrigg Bottoms meadow is a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI). A stunning hay meadow in the Yorkshire Dales. With a beautiful array of wildflowers such as Crane’s bill, Ox-eye Daisy, Lady’s Mantle, and many more, which are usually in full bloom by June.


Park at Askrigg car park

The walk is around 2 hours/1.7 miles and is fairly easy with only one very short climb up a bank.


Farndale Daffodil walk

Each Spring something wonderful happens in Farndale. The beautiful wild daffodils start to flower, which makes this North Yorkshire walk truly magical.

Within the peaceful valley of the Farndale Nature Reserve, you can stroll along the river bank, meadows, and woodland and really take in this spectacular Springtime showcase.

Pick up a Farndale walk leaflet, pop for a takeaway coffee at the Daffy Caffy or sit and have a drink outside at the Feversham arms pub at Church Houses.


Park at Low Mill car park

It’s a linear 3-mile walk.

Forge Valley Woods National Nature Reserve

On the banks of the River Derwent, this ancient woodland full of beautiful flowers, plants, and alive with wonderful wildlife, is well worth a visit. If you are lucky enough you may even see an otter! This flower walk has the perfect mix of flora and fauna.

On this peaceful walk take in the fragrant aroma of wild garlic and their delicate sprinkles of white flowers carpeting these captivating woods. Also, keep an eye out for flowering orchids peeking their velvety heads up out of the grass.


Park at any of the 5 car parks surrounding the Reserve

Start at Old Man’s Mouth Picnic site, which follows the River Derwent through the woodland.

Follow the wooden boardwalk for the entire length of the walk.



If you love Bluebells, then a walk to Newtons Wood beneath Great Ayton Moor is a real treat for the senses. If you want to carry the walk up to Roseberry Topping, by all means, do. But if you just want a calming, peaceful wander among the wild garlic and the beautiful blanket of bluebells, then Newton Moor is the perfect flower walk.

May is the time to go if you want to catch the bluebells in all their gorgeous glory.


Free parking on Aireyholme Lane TS9 6HP


Castle Howard

Walk through the enchanting woodland garden at Ray Wood. Springtime really is the time to visit, to set your senses soaring. With its impressive collection of plants and flowers coming into bloom, I think this place will be somewhere to visit every Spring season.

Explore the stunning landscape set within the Howardian Hills, a designated Area of Outstanding Beauty.  


Check out the Howardian Hills website to download many walking and cycling routes to get you started. howardianhills.org.uk




Nat x


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