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Inspiration for Fathers Day outings in Edinburgh

By Courtney Hall – 15th June 2020

With Father’s Day quickly looming (how the hell are we halfway through the year already?!) I wanted to give you a little inspiration of what you could do around Edinburgh to celebrate with that special Daddy. Now, with the current pandemic, we don’t know where we will be and what we will be allowed to do day by day, so I’ve picked things that should be allowed unless we end up in another lockdown.

My family and I love the outdoors and always have done, but recent times have shown us how we have to get creative with our days. Finding new safe places for our next adventures, all without it costing us a single penny (my husband is thrilled), so I have kept these suggestions easy on the purse strings, as I’m aware of just how tough times currently are.

Water of Leith Pathway

“Choo Choo”

Walk the old railway lines of Edinburgh. Don’t worry I know that lockdown has been tough spending all that time with the husband and kids so I’m not suggesting you end it all! Most of the old railway lines in Edinburgh became unused in the 19th century and have been turned into hidden cycle and walking paths. Most people will not even know they exist. There are many points all over the city that you can enter the paths and they all interlink once you’re on them. You will pass through forgotten tunnels and converted station houses, forgetting that you’re more than likely walking under busy streets. My suggestion would be to pack an on the go picnic, bring the kids bikes, scooters, skateboards and let them pick what way you go. Each crossroads has a sign you can choose the next trail you want to go down and how long it will take you to arrive at your destination.

Love Locks and Ice Cream

So, I know that your trips to Florence, Italy, Paris and France may have been cancelled but plans to visit iconic love lock bridges don’t have to be cancelled too. The old Forth Road Bridge, connecting South and North Queensferry, now holds thousands of love locks, thanks to a fundraising initiative for RNLI. I don’t believe the initiative is still running for you to buy love locks, however, this is definitely worth the visit for the views. And, what trip to the seaside is complete without ice cream? Well luckily for you, The Little Parlour, in the main town of South Queensferry, is here to fill those ice cream desires, with socially distance service.

I spy on Arthur’s Seat

Get your walking shoes dusted off and take a hike up Arthur’s Seat, don’t forget your waterproofs as you never know what the Scottish weather may throw at you. Once you reach the top you can play a game of I spy over the city, spotting all the beautiful historic landmarks that Edinburgh has on offer. Your game doesn’t need to stop once you’re at the bottom of the hill, take a walk-through Innocent Railway and see what street art (or, should I say tunnel art) you can spy.

Photo Scavenger hunt

Cameras at the ready- whether you’ve got camera phones, SLRs, Polaroid’s or disposables get everyone a camera for the day and create a scavenger hunt to take with you on a walk around the city or your local area. See who can spot each item first and if you’re a competitive family, you could have a winner at the end for the best shot. A red bus, people holding hands, a park, a yellow door, a dog, whatever you think your kids will enjoy looking for. It’s amazing to see the world through another’s eyes, you may also find you get some great shots for your family albums. I think Stockbridge or the Royal Mile are great for this!

We’re all going on a summer holiday

Who needs to go on holiday to go to the beach, or anywhere for that matter? We certainly don’t! Make your trip to the local beach or park a little different and a lot more like a holiday. The night before your ‘holiday’ get the kids all excited with creating their boarding passes and passports because no one is allowed past “Daddy’s check-in’ without them. Whatever mode of transport you use to get to your destination, give the kids the job of being cabin crew, showing you the safety instructions and helping you find your seat (this doesn’t need to stop when you get to your destination, they can be in charge of pouring the drinks for the rest of the day! Pop your feet up!). Get your lungs at the ready for blowing up all the inflatables and enjoy!

I hope this helps inspire your Fathers Day Activities.

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