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Exploring East London – outdoor walking ideas

By Lindsey Roberts – 30th December 2020

I’m walking on sunshine – WO-AH.

Okay, I don’t know if it’s just me, but it feels like we’ve been in Tier 4 FOREVER, am I right?! There are only so many of the same walks I can go on without feeling like I’m on autopilot and I don’t fancy walking around in circles. So I’ve decided to share a list of some of the cool things (and photo ops) that there might be on some walks local to East London.

There are so many hidden gems in London that aren’t related to going out for food or drinks with lots of people – so the memory making doesn’t have to stop because of our current situation, it’s just a little different that’s all.

These walks are very local to me – and I’m fortunate to be surrounded by all of this where I live. Please don’t travel far to come and visit when it isn’t safe to do so. We’re being advised by the Government to stay at home in Tier 4 restrictions. If you’re not close – then save this post for when you can visit or use it as inspiration to go and explore your local area.

Telephone boxes in the WaterGlades Wetlands Walk.
A place for coffee: Signorelli Bakery
Located in Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, just near East Village are a cacophony of different walkways surrounded by wetlands and inhabited by different wildlife. Great to walk around with a hot coffee in hand and explore. It was quite a suprise to see the two red telephone boxes amongst the greenery – but a nice juxtaposition all the same. When you’ve finished on the Wetlands Walk then you can continue through to the rest of the Olympic Park and see the infamous Olympic Rings. Oh and there’s a great playground there too (for kids and adults alike).

Snippets of history in Victoria Park
A place for coffee: Pavillion Cafe
Go for a stroll through Victoria Park – it’s a massive park though so take snacks or call and get a coffee to take away! Make sure you keep an eye out for a couple of my favourite parts:

Burdett-Coutts Drinking Fountain – otherwise known as Victoria Fountain – was built in 1862 and is a gothic structure surrounded by fountains and enviable curated gardens.

Chinese Pagoda in the Park – located in the East part of the park stands this pretty impressive Pagoda. It’s a replacement of one that was there for 200 years before that, but still beautiful all the same.

Three Mills Wall River Weir – Three Mills Green
A place for coffee: The cafe is run by volunteers and currently open on Sundays. Suggest a flask of coffee, just in case!

When I first discovered this place – I was in absolute awe – how on EARTH was I still in East London?! It looked like something from the set of a quaint film. Instead, it’s the Three Mills Green & Three Mills Island. The world’s biggest tidal mill, next to The House Mill which just looks idyllic. Access it via the Three Mills Wall River Weir and amble down the canals. Gorgeous walk!

The House Mill lies on an island, known since the medieval period as Three Mills. The Domesday Book recorded Britain’s earliest known mills here in 1086. The foundations of the current House Mill date back to 1380-1420.

Find out more on their website.



Enjoy your walks, wherever you are.

Stay safe,

Lindsey x


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