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Hi there, I’m Emma!


I live just outside Halifax, West Yorkshire and those well-worn cobbles have been my home for 31 years. I’ve travelled the world but my heart – and bank balance – have always brought me back to Yorkshire.

I’m a wife, mum to daughter Lyla, primary school teacher, 90s lover, bargain hunter and secret eater among many other roles. I haven’t had a lie in past 7am since 2013 (thanks Lyla) but wouldn’t have it any other way.

After seven years together, I married my husband Matt last year and we now spend most of our spare time eating our weight in pitta and hummus, slagging off everyone on Coronation Street and planning our next adventure.

Bruce is the other man in my life – a handsome Manchester terrier puppy who does a great job of keeping me on my toes (when he’s not biting them).

I don’t know when to stop doing anything – eating, drinking, talking, reversing – but every Sunday night I turn over a new leaf and am the queen of starting afresh.

I’ve been looking for a hobby since around 1992 which has resulted in me being able to play Twinkle Twinkle on the recorder, flute AND piano, being scared of horses and having an instant dislike to pink lycra.

I’m an honest Yorkshire lass and look forward to showing off West Yorkshire in all its glory (it is the Shoreditch of the North you know!)


10 Facts About Me:

1. I used to be an au pair for a family in Rome 
2. I met Matt when I was 22 on a night out in Maine Street on the punching machine (typical Halifax bird!) and have been together pretty much ever since. 
3. I have severe misophonia – the hatred of sounds of chewing, eating and even loud breathing. It drives my family mad but I just can’t stand it and have to have music on for every meal time to drown out the racket. 
4. I believe in ghosts. Genuinely
5. Growing up I was desperate for part-time work and wasn’t bothered where. My first ever job was egg collecting on a farm age 12 and after that, I worked in a fish and game market, cafe, holiday club and gym all by the time I was 16. 
6. My stoma hasn’t been made permanent and if I wanted to I could get it reversed but I never will. The fear of being back in hospital for as long as I was before scares me to death and my Crohns symptoms have never been as good as they have since having it – so she’s here to stay! 
7. I’m a die-hard Corrie fan and have seen almost every episode since I was about 6. My useless trivia about it could probs get me on mastermind.
8. I’ve climbed Story Bridge in Brisbane which has a summit of about 80 metre – the equivalent of a 22 story building. I don’t even like looking over the banister of the stairs at home. 
9. I hate baked beans. The look, smell, taste – everything. If a bit of bean juice touches something I can’t eat it. 
10. On my way home from Australia I had no money left and my suitcase was over the weight limit. I couldn’t bear to part with any of it so I went to the toilet and put as much of it on as I possibly could. I looked like the Michelin man and almost passed out on the flight home but my suitcase got the green light. 

Emma Xx

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Anyone who fancies themselves a bit of a sleuth. If you’re an armchair detective and work out “whodunnit” before Poirot even twiddled his moustache or love watching real crime documentaries then this CSI Experience in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire is for you. Vouchers don’t have to be bought in pairs but I would say that to get the most out of the experience you’d be best off going with likeminded, crime-fighting friend.

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If you love food and don’t know Sheffield very well then the Kelham Island Food Tour could be the one for you. It’s a great way to spend an afternoon, filled with many tasty delights whilst discovering new places around the much loved industrial part of town. The first time I ventured away from my city-centre haunts was shortly after finishing uni, when we discovered the Fat Cat pub and (more importantly) £2 pints of ale. It dumbfounded us that we’d never even heard of this part of town, so finding such an amazing place to drink after four years living in Sheffield was quite a late discovery!

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I had already heard good things about Elements. Despite only just celebrating their first birthday, they’ve been nominated for two awards in Marketing Derby’s food and drink awards (Best Newcomer and Best Customer Service). Thanks to their beautifully curated Instagram feed they were firmly on my Girl About radar.

So when Elements got in touch to invite us to try their teddy bear’s picnic themed children’s menu I jumped at the opportunity. I can’t tell you the last time I enjoyed a delicious lunch out with my toddler. We have loads of fun but I’d pretty much resigned myself that civilised lunches at nice places were largely a thing of the past. I was intrigued to see whether this was the answer. In the week or so before, Lily was bubbling with excitement. I remained somewhat sceptical.

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Girls Afternoon Glamour is an experience unique to Charles Worthington, who is one of the most prestigious and renowned hairdressing names in the U.K.
Charles has won many of the industry’s most prestigious accolades, developed an award-winning portfolio of products sold worldwide, styled A-list celebrities, and collaborated with some of the best names in the fashion and beauty industry. All this whilst seamlessly remaining a family business.

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