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Family Fun at Birdworld, Surrey

By Sarah Frost – 30th July 2020
What I loved about Birdworld:

Seeing flamingo chicks for the first time and chatting to the cockatoos


Worth paying a babysitter?

One for the whole family



To see a huge variety of birds, but also get up close and personal with the farm animals in Jenny Wren farm


Value for money:


The geographically knowledgeable among you may know that Birdworld is actually situated in Surrey, however, it must be extremely close to the border! It’s been around since 1968 and I remember trips here as a child. Not just for bird fans, it’s also home to Jenny Wren Farm and Underwater world.


I visited at the beginning of July and you do need to pre-book because there is a limited number of visitors. The park is open 10-6 in the summer and arriving at around 10:30 meant we missed any queue to get in. There are toilets at the entrance, although it was limited to one household at a time so there was generally a small queue. However, there are other toilets in the park which had no queues.


There are too many birds here to mention, so I’ll just take you through my highlights. I must start with Flamingo Cove because that’s where I saw flamingo chicks for the first time. There were plenty of nesting flamingos as well so there will be more chicks to come if you visit over the summer holidays. They were fluffy, grey and unstable on their long legs and very cute, just be warned about the smell! There’s also Penguin Island, and who doesn’t love watching penguins? You can see them from both an underwater view and lounging on the beach. The penguins get fed twice a day, so plan your visit around that.


Another feeding opportunity is the ‘Owl Prowl’ but it’s not for the faint-hearted. You’ll find the owls in the newer Terry Pratchett’s Owl Parliament. There’s a great collection including a pair of snowy owls, or Hedwig and Hedwig’s friend as I liked to name them (if you know, you know). There are usually flying displays in the outdoor arena where you can see some of the larger birds in flight. Check the website or social media for most up to date information on timings.


Once you’re finished viewing all the birds, it’s a good time to stop for lunch. You can take a picnic to eat on one of the many picnic tables. There’s also take away food available, and an on-site restaurant. Choosing a picnic spot in the middle of the park means you can also watch any little ones on the playground. Alternatively, there’s loads of space for picnics near the entrance to Jenny Wren Farm. There’s also an ice cream and drinks kiosk, and a toilet block there.


After lunch go and visit Jenny Wren Farm. The reindeer at the front were a bit of a surprise and I was worried they looked a little mangy until I read the sign explaining that they were shedding their winter coat. Children will love spotting all the animals from goats, to rabbits, to a large pig called Spud! At the time of writing, the pet shop and animal encounters remained closed, however do check for more updates on this. There’s another play area and plenty of sanitiser and hand-washing facilities in case you do touch any animals. The pygmy goats are a highlight and there was one very pregnant one when I visited so I’m sure you’d see some kids jumping around.


The Underwater World was closed during my visit, due to COVID-19 restrictions, but it didn’t detract from the overall experience.


Birdworld exceeded my expectations and was a great day out.  There were families of all ages there interacting with the birds and if you’re lucky one of the birds might talk back! I definitely received a ‘Hello’ from a cockatoo.


For more information visit: https://birdworld.co.uk/



Sarah x


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