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Cruelty free hairdressing – Liverpool

By Claire Fitzpatrick – 11th April 2020

I first met Cat when I lived in the city centre in my 20s and she worked in a salon (Hooka) round the corner from my apartment. I’m not usually this loyal(!) but Cat’s been my go-to hair stylist now for almost ten years, which in a city where you can’t move for hair and beauty businesses, is really saying something.

So, why Cat? As well as being an all-round lovely person and great stylist (she cut my hair at home while I was on maternity leave and breastfeeding), Cat has embarked on a personal journey to set up and run a business that creates beautiful hair without ruining our beautiful planet.

In short, C Saw Hair is a cruelty free vegan salon. That means that every product, process or decision Cat makes when it comes to her business, considers the environmental impact and aims to be zero waste, plastic and cruelty free. Add to this 18+ years’ experience of creating fantastic hairstyles for her clients, and you have a pretty special person with a really fantastic business.

C Saw Hair is based in Birkenhead, just a quick hop over the border (aka Mersey) and you arrive in Hamilton Square and Cat’s gorgeous salon on 28 Market Street. Lush plants, quirky artwork (Cat’s a bit of a Wes Anderson fan) and an amazing playlist greet you as you enter this little oasis, offering the complete hairdressing and barbering menu, with colour a speciality.

A big animal lover, it goes without saying that Cat’s salon is dog friendly too (make sure you mention any +1s when you book) which really adds to the laid back and relaxed feel. I spent a couple of lovely hours there listening to some boss tunes (there was a real mix playing, from The Strokes to Roberta Flack – all good), drinking some delicious herbal teas and enjoying the chat.

Before C Saw Hair, I used to dread going to the salon, the shouting over loud music and hairdryers while you made small talk. This place however, I could happily spend all day – dipping in and out of conversation, leafing my way through the books and magazines (Cat has loads of copies of Breathe, if you haven’t heard of it look it up!)

The mission to be zero waste is really shaping how the business is evolving and C Saw Hair is also a refill station. Customers can bring their empty shampoo and conditioner containers and pay for refills of their favourite products (the salon stocks Oway.) You will also find @whogivesacraptp toilet paper in the loo, Fairtrade coffee from local producers @adamsandrussell and lots of other conscientious treats either for sale or as talking points on the counter.

I’m going to put this out there, I’m not vegan. Neither am I vegetarian. And I don’t have rainbow hair. But that doesn’t mean that I can’t make conscious decisions about what businesses I give my money to, and I admire what Cat has created – which is a beautiful, self-made and mindful business that does what it can to respect the world we live in, and everyone that lives in it (animals included.) What’s more, it’s all done in such a natural and non ‘in your face’ way, that you can’t help but feel good and a little bit inspired.

Catherine Sawyer – making waves without polluting the oceans 😛

For more information visit: 

C Saw Hair
28 Market Street, Birkenhead CH41 5ER



Claire x


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Claire Fitzpatrick Liverpool
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