Claire Fitzpatrick

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All About Claire


Hi, I’m Claire the official Girl About Liverpool. I live in South Liverpool with my partner Luca and our little boy Oliver, working full time and eating pizza at weekends. I love creating amazing memories for us all to enjoy and spend my time seeking out the very best that Liverpool has to offer, whether that be family days out, cultural happenings, the wonderful bars or the exciting foodie scene here in my home city. Read my 48hours in Liverpool blog to get started, and follow me @girlaboutliverpool. If you’d like to recommend somewhere you love in Liverpool, I’d love to hear from you

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10 Random Facts About Me


    1. Born in London to an Irish father and a Geordie mum, I moved to Liverpool when I was six. I have watched the city go from bleak recession era in the late 80s to a renaissance, taking back its place as a northern powerhouse! So effectively I’m a plastic scouser, but that means I choose Liverpool and it didn’t choose me.
    2. I work in marketing and my day job is managing digital and online marketing for Liverpool John Moores University, promoting Liverpool (and LJMU) as a destination city. A big focus is promoting experiences and making memories there too – so a good fit for Girl About!
    3. I met Girl About Sheffield (Vicky) when I was studying English at Sheffield Uni. We both worked in The Cavendish – a student pub – bonded over music and danced in the rain at Glastonbury.
    4. I am the oldest of four girls. Two of my sisters, Zoe and Sophie, live in Liverpool with their kids and Kerri’s based in London. We all have a dark sense of humour and when we’re all together it can get quite raucous. They tell me I get posher the drunker I get.
    5. I helped launch a successful (and award-winning!) street food brand with my partner Luca – Fritto Italian Street Food. Give us a follow and discover what a panzerotti is! @fritto_uk
    6. If you didn’t guess from #5, my other half is Italian and keeps us well fed with his passion for cooking, especially pizzas. As well as opening my eyes (and mouth?! ????) to Italian culture we have explored lots of gorgeous places in Italy.
    7. In 2016 we brought our little boy into the world, so I am mum to a beautiful three-year-old called Oliver. He is my main sidekick on all Liverpool-based adventures and a bit of an Instagram star in his own right, thanks to his dad.
    8. I love to travel (who doesn’t?) I’m a big fan of Airbnb and we’ve stayed in some great spaces, most recently in Sicily – which is my new favourite holiday destination! I like quirky and cute places, and good food is our no1 requirement on all trips (no big surprise there!)
    9. I have a titanium rod in my back, fused to my spine. It was put there when I was 16 to help correct scoliosis and was a pretty major event for my teenage-self but definitely made me who I am today (figuratively and literally!)
    10. I LOVE CHRISTMAS. The excuse to be cosy, eat lots of good food and enjoy time with family and friends is just too wonderful. It’s often loaded with a lot of stress in the run-up but once that out of office is on, I am all-out festive and cannot wait!