Caroline Towers

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All About Caroline



I am from Bradford which is a wonderful city in the heart of West Yorkshire. I was fortunate to have been born here, to parents who are also from Bradford so it’s safe to say it’s in my blood! I’ve lived here my whole life, went to the University of Bradford and have started multiple businesses based right here. I live with my boyfriend, Keil – We met on a night out in the city 16 years ago. From a vibrant and ever-changing city centre to the surrounding areas of the Aire Valley (where I live) to further afield, Bradford has so much to offer for visitors and locals too. One of the things which continues to amaze me is you can go from the Victorian buildings of the city centre to within no time at all be out in the countryside. I am so proud to be a Bradford lass and it’s an honour to be the Girl About Bradford where I can help to share all the incredible things happening here to help anyone who comes to the Bradford district create some amazing memories.

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10 Random Facts About Me


    1. I have been with my boyfriend, Keil, for 16 years. Our first date was on the 29th February which means we only get to celebrate properly every 4 years!
    2. I have a degree in Creative Writing and English Literature. I’ve always loved to write and went to uni as a mature 20-something student once I’d already bought my own home & had a mortgage to pay.
    3. I am listed on the Northern Power Women’s Future List as a female to watch in business.
    4. I run multiple online businesses. These include coaching female business owners in business & content marketing as well as founding some e-commerce shops one is based around sport and fitness and the other travel.
    5. One of my businesses, Voltage Sport, was a finalist in the Bradford Means Business Awards for New Business of the Year and last year it was listed as a Top 100 UK business.
    6. I don’t like rollercoasters or anything too scary but I did go skydiving when I was in Australia. Since then I’ve kept my feet firmly on the ground!
    7. Every year I organise the Nige Moore Memorial Road Race which is a cycle race in Bradford to help support the grassroots of the sport as well as honour the memory of a cycling friend.
    8. I love watching sport. I am always watching it on the TV & I often arrange my trips around the NFL, football or cycling.
    9. I have a passion for travel and my most visited places are Las Vegas and Barbados. I like to mix my trips up between going back to places I love and discovering somewhere new.
    10. Watching a film is one of my favourite ways to relax, I love to go to the cinema and I get far too excited when Oscar season rolls around each year.