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REVIEW | Cannon Hall Farm Barnsley – South Yorkshire

By Vicky Jones – 13th September 2019

Why I love Cannon Hall Farm:
It’s a fun-filled day out for the whole family. There are stacks of outdoor play areas, which the kids cannot get bored of, but also some really good indoor/sheltered activities that means even on your typical autumnal Yorkshire day you can have a really good day out. Throw in really good food in the restaurants and the massive farm shop (that you can’t help but spend a fortune in), it really is a family pleaser.


Value for money: (7 out of 10)
£7.95 per adults and for kids over two, so it’s not the cheapest family attraction around. But it is a FULL day out with loads to do and see, and with one of the largest soft plays in the north, you really can exhaust the kids before heading home.


What to expect at Cannon Hall Farm:
A jam-packed day out come rain or shine. Loads of animals, play parks and interactive areas that just keep the kids racing around all day. Good grub to keep the kids (and dads) full, and guaranteed fun.

Setting the scene:

The school holidays were in full swing, and quite frankly I was on the edge. Warren had been working away for what felt like every single day of the holidays, and I’ve had three children under the age of five to entertain for a whole SEVEN weeks. Joy.

So when Lyndsey (AKA Girl about Yorkshire) suggested meeting up, I bartered with her to bring her kids. Give Emily some entertainment and hopefully time for some adult conversation. But what does she do…. brings another two flippin’ kids. Two adults vs seven children?!? I can officially confirm she is mad. Leeds Fest traffic caused Lyndsey to be late. By a whole 90 minutes. With one-year-old twins, walking and eating literally everything in sight and a four-year-old with an endless amount of energy I anxiously embraced some of the outdoor areas, wondering if I could keep an eye on all three safely.

The tunnel maze is brilliant, and can keep kids entertained in the big drain pipe construction for half an hour without a single glance at your watch. The twins were too little to be let loose in the tunnels, but they were happy enough toddling around on the wood chips, which was brilliant for early walkers (until Erin decided to eat it!).

We watched some lazy ferrets protest against racing, and a successful sheep race, then headed to the toddler play park for the twins until Lyndsey’s tribe arrived. Being on my own with multiple kids isn’t easy, but I actually felt I could just about manage Cannon Hall Farm on my own. All the areas throughout the park are sectioned off, and the wood chips made it a nice soft landing for the numerous tumbles that happened throughout the day.

Immediately five kids were racing around the larger play parks. If your little terrors like a play park, then Cannon Hall will get the thumbs up. Huge slides, loads of climbing and a creative layout that the kids can’t help but get excited about.

But with the midday sun beating down, we decided to take shelter in the Hungry Llama indoor play. I’m not a huge fan of soft plays if I was being honest. The slightly sweaty/dirty feel of the equipment, the injuries and protests when you leave, all makes it unbearable. Not here. The Hungry Llama is ace.

Different sections for a variety of ages, we had the twins literally shrieking with joy by the sensory items in the baby section, and then Lyndsey’s Ted (Age 8) racing back for his hot dog and chips before tearing back off to try the slides that even I wouldn’t dare to go down.

The food in the Hungry Llama is good. Although there was not a moment spare to even look at a menu this time, when I’ve been before (pre-twins) and actually sat down to eat, the burgers and sandwiches really are top-notch, fill-your-belly pleasers. It’s the only soft play I know that Warren (my husband) embraces because he knows he’s going to get some good grub whilst there.

cannon hall farm

But the best bit…. You can get the kids back outside, because there is so much else to see!

The indoor reptile center is my favourite section by far. The snakes are petrifying, the swimming turtles are super cute and the leaf cutter ants weaving their way across the rope suspended from the ceiling is one of the most ingenious ways of capturing an insect’s behavior that I’ve ever seen.


Throw in a shed (excuse the pun) load of traditional farm animals; from humping pigs, to cocky goats and baby llamas; there was something to keep us all amused. The kids went on tractor ride, watched the meerkats and could have easily spent another hour in the play parks, but the ticking-time-bomb-twins were getting closer to their dinner time, so the day was finished off with a round of ice creams for the kids, and some very nice steak and red wine from the farm shop. (NB: I’d seriously love to do my weekly food shop there).

We left with dusty, sweaty, smiling kids. Mine were all asleep before I had even got to the main road. If that’s not a successful day out, then I don’t know what is. I can’t honestly recommend Cannon Hall enough. Thank you so much for having us!

With love,

Vicky x

To find out more visit: www.cannonhallfarm.co.uk



This is a Girl About review. I was invited by the management to free of charge in exchange for an honest and frank review. All my opinions are my own and in no way have they been swayed by their kind invite. Girl About reviews are always 100% honest. We only publish reviews that, for the most part, are positive.

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