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REVIEW | Brunch at Revolucion de Cuba in Harrogate

17th November 2018

Brunch. It’s trendy now apparently. It’s always existed, though. It just used to be called eating lunch early. And, should someone ever research the origin of the brunch trend, then they will discover that it leads back to us mums.

What to do when you have tiny babies or “hangry” toddlers and you’ve been up since 4am? Eat. What does 11am feel like when you’ve been up and making space ships out of Lego (or some Victorian alternative) since 5.30am? Lunchtime.

Mums have doing it for generations. Tucking into an early lunch with friends who are also harassed, covered in baby puke or trying to survive the constant whinging of a toddler.

Now, though, it’s called brunch and it’s super trendy, and tends not to involve tiny children. It generally involves avocado though. And, in some cases, copious amounts of booze.

I was invited to road-test the “bottomless brunch” at Revolucion de Cuba on parliament street in Harrogate. I dragged my bestie Liz along one Saturday morning. Kid-free of course.   

Revolucion de Cuba

Revolucion de Cuba sits on the corner of Parliament Street and Oxford Street and is simply oozing with cool, trendy Cuban vibes. The décor is rich in its colour and fabrics, with sumptuous padded red, curved window seats, a deep green bar front and plants and flowers dotted beautifully around the space. And the lights… they’re everywhere. Spotlights on the ceiling, low-hanging lights over the bar, even a glitter ball twinkles above us. It is an experience to stimulate all the senses.

The invite said from 10.30. We arrived at 11.15am, hoping we weren’t looking too keen. There were only two other punters in. We looked keen.

Necking Prosecco before noon is, in my opinion, only acceptable on one’s wedding day, Christmas day and when one is on holiday. When I’m on my jollies all bets are off – anything goes. But, 11.00 on a grey, rainy Saturday in Harrogate? Rules were made to be broken.

“Glass of Prosecco Madam?”

“Oooh Yes! And make it snappy!”

We were shown to our table and presented with a glass of fizz quicker than one could say ‘pop the cork Peter!’ and handed the Bottomless Brunch menu along with some maracas and a garland of flowers. No shit.

Musical instruments and endless fizz was a brave move by the management. We were only on glass one and we were shaking away. heaven knows what would have happened if we’d have necked six Mojitos each.

Everything on the menu sounded delicious. Liz opted for the Spanish Omelette and I went the whole hog and chose what I hoped would be an enormous feast: The Brekkie Burrito.  

Revolucion de Cuba

It was enormous with a capital ‘E’. And bloody delicious. A flour tortilla packed full of sausage, chorizo, scrambled egg, refried beans, jalapenos and cheese and topped with two pieces of bacon. The jalapenos weren’t too hot and over-powering, they just gave a hint of heat and gave it its Cuban twist. I loved it.

The Spanish Omelette was also fabulous. It had Chorizo and Morcilla sausage with spring onion and potato, topped with Manchego cheese. It also came with crispy, spiced potatoes. Liz isn’t a big fan of spice, but again, the hint of heat was just enough.

By the time we were tucking into our brunch, the tables were filling around us. Fellow brunchers coming in out of the Yorkshire drizzle to enjoy some tasty grub and booze. I spied a few different brunch dishes being brought out and had a not-so-subtle nosy at as many as I could. They all looked incredibly tasty and beautiful on the plate.

The Bottomless Brunch menu is £25 for one brunch dish and “bottomless” drinks until 2pm every Saturday and Sunday. If you don’t want to opt for the “bottomless” part and simply want to choose a brunch dish, then prices range from £5.50 for the Bacon and Egg Brioche up to £8.50 for the Full Grilled Breakfast. My Brekkie Burrito would have cost me £8.00 and Liz’s Spanish Omelette would have been £6.50 – both of which seem like great value for money.

Revolucion de Cuba is the perfect venue for a long, boozy girly lunch when you’re child-free and in a position to take advantage of the “bottomless” booze until 2pm. Unfortunately for us, Liz had to drive home as it was her Hubby’s birthday and she had to show him some love. An afternoon getting pissed on prosecco and Mojitos with me wasn’t his idea of a birthday treat!

Thank you to Revolucion de Cuba, who made us feel very welcome and treated us to some fabulously divine dishes. Would I recommend? Yes, absolutely! And even if you don’t or can’t do the boozy bit, the food alone is worth it.

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