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Dreamers Who Travel

Apparel & accessories for dreamers who are always in a state of wanderlust. Online travel-inspired boutique founded by Caroline Towers, offering great quality t-shirts, wall prints, mugs, aluminium bottles and sweatshirts. The designs are all inspired by a love of travel.



Caroline Towers

Female Founder Interview

Interviewed by Megan Brown – Girl About HQ

It was over Zoom and during the days of lockdown that I was lucky enough to sit down and have a good old natter with Caroline Towers, Girl About Bradford and female entrepreneur. The top was her most recent business venture; Dreamers Who Travel. (If you would prefer to watch us chat, then click the Youtube link above-right).

Q&A with Caroline…


For the people who don’t know Caroline Towers, tell us about yourself.

I’m Caroline and as well as being Girl About Bradford, I run a brand called Dreamers Who Travel and alongside that I also have two other companies, so I don’t have a lot of spare time! I live in Bradford with my boyfriend, we love to travel, that’s the thing we save our money to do; to travel each year.


Tell us about your brand; Dreamers Who Travel.

We are an online travel-inspired boutique. We sell items like t-shirts, wall prints, mugs, aluminium bottles and sweatshirts. The designs are all inspired by a love of travel. We have places like Hawaii and London and are inspired by wanderlust. When we do getaway, it might only be for a week, so after, we are able to wear something that shows that we love a certain place or that we love to travel. I think those of us that love travel, want to talk about it and share their memories. The products give us an opportunity to bring a love of travel into our lives and into our home.


How many destinations do you have designs based on?

We’ve got about 12-15 at the moment, and then we are always looking to see what our customers are wanting. When we first started out, it was all about places I loved like Las Vegas but then also places I want to go to like Thailand. I was trying to do a mix; I didn’t want it to be just “my places”.


Where did you get the inspiration for Dreamers Who Travel?

It was just a general love of travel. Previously I had a lifestyle blog and I always loved the travel element by writing my travel diaries of where I’d been. I was really fortunate when I was younger, I think I went on my first holiday when I was like 6 months old, and I travelled loads as a child. Then as an adult I’ve continued that passion, although it’s very different when you start paying for yourself! I’ve always had that travel bug inside me and it’s just that I wanted to express that. There are lots of places in the world to go see and so it was a way of expressing that passion.


You’ve obviously travelled a lot. Is there one destination in particular that inspires you, is your favourite or one that you just love

Oh, it’s so hard! There are a lot of places that I love, but probably Las Vegas and Barbados. I always find that if I do my relaxing beach holiday then I’ll choose Barbados. I’ll always come away with lots of inspiration. Just shutting your brain down for a week or two, I really like that. But then at the same time, I really like the hectic holidays. We did a USA road trip of the west coast, so Arizona to Vegas, down to California. I really loved that, as it was a way of seeing lots of different places and creating those memories.


What does the future look like for Dreamers Who Travel?

We’re about to launch our blog element and interestingly its made me look through a lot of my old blogs to get inspiration. Girl About Travel did the Instagram Happy Memory-A-Day Photo Challenge and that was amazing to get some of my old pictures from when you had a proper camera that needed to develop and it was so nice to go through all those and have those memories. I love to be able to look back over holidays. It might only be 1 or 2 weeks out of the whole year where you’ve travelled to that destination, so its really important to capture those moments. So I feel like that would be a really nice element to add to the brand. Definitely many more products, and really listening to our customers and seeing what is popular for them. But definitely really helping people to capture those memories or those dreams if they’ve not been somewhere that they really want to go to. I hope we can inspire people to keep dreaming.


Thank you so much, Caroline, for talking with me today. I left the conversation truly travel-inspired and with my eye on your pink “departure” jumper for perfect comfy airport attire.


Make sure you check out Dreamers Who Travel here https://dreamerswhotravel.com/

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