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REVIEW | Bettys New Breakfast Menu

26th May 2016

So it really didn’t surprise me when I was asked to pop into my local branch in Ilkley, West Yorkshire to test-run their new breakfast menu, which will launch on June 1st and for the whole month of June 2016 you will be able to tuck into breakfast at Bettys for not much more than a bacon and egg McMuffin and an insipid cup of Maccy D’s paper-cup served coffee.


Of course, I jumped at the chance of a free feed at Bettys – who wouldn’t?

Yesterday morning I dragged my gorgeous 6ft statuesque friend Lizzie and her well-behaved, immaculately dressed 18-month-old daughter Sophia along to Bettys to join me in my quest to test the new Bettys Breakfast menu. Sophia, in her pink Bugaboo pram sporting a faux fur and sparkly shoes, and mummy in a trendy blue and white stripe and flawless hair and make-up fitted perfectly into their surroundings and would act as my models for the morning.

Anyway, available from Monday to Friday before 11am only, you can choose from:

1)            English Breakfast with hot drink for £9.95

2)            Swiss Rosti with hot drink for £9.95

3)            Toasted Muffin with a hot drink for £6.95
(This includes a choice of toppings: scrambled eggs & bacon; or scrambled eggs & salmon; or bacon or poached free-range eggs)

Naturally we ordered the lot with Bettys house blend tea to wash it all down and within 10 minutes Lizzie and I were tucking in while Sophia chewed on a crayon.

Breakfast was served on the signature white china and tea in a silver teapot. Not a greasy spoon in sight. OK so you’re probably not going to have to part with a tenner for sausage, egg and beans in a corner cafe, but you wouldn’t get your greasy fried bread served on a silver cake stand either.



We opted for scrambled eggs and salmon on top of our toasted muffin and for £6.95, it’s really good value. The scrambled egg topping made with free-range eggs was firm but fluffy with just the right amount of seasoning and a generous amount of smoked salmon mixed through; a good sprinkling of chives and a sprig of greenery on top to give it that air of Bettys elegance. There was certainly no scrimping on the topping with both sides of the muffin piled high.


English breakfast consisted of a tasty, thick sausage, two rashes of well-cooked, crispy bacon, a generous dollop of scrambled egg, mushrooms, tomato quarter and that all important green sprig of something lambs lettuce like. Now of course my 6ft.2in husband would have picked up the greenery and launched it on my plate. And yes he would have moaned at the idea of healthy scrambled eggs over fried. There would have been groans and grumbles over absent baked beans, fried bread and black pudding, and God forbid that such a plate of food wouldn’t be served with a bottle of HP sauce…


Anyway, luckily for Bettys, as this breakfast deal is only served Monday to Friday before 11am, it’s highly unlikely that they will be the cafe of choice for any grubby construction workers looking for a greasy fry up. However, for any lady this is the perfect start to the day. It was well-cooked, healthy and delicious and with that all-important brew and posh toast, it kept me going for the rest of the day. The price is a steal too.

The Swiss rosti thing was nice. The rosti itself was bordering on the ‘too big side’; it really could have been half the size, especially when you factor in the bacon, mushrooms, tomato and a perfectly poached egg sitting proudly on top of it. There’s probably a few too many carbs in the base for my liking, but once that egg yolk was set free from the delicate egg white, the combination of yolk and fried potato was divine. Still, half the portion of spuds would have been more than enough on this plate.


And that toast… I expect the reason we only managed to get through less than half of the food served to us was because we devoured the hot buttered toast like a vulture would devour the rotting caucus of a wildebeest and this left us with little room the rest of the feast.

On that note, get yourself to Bettys for breakfast one weekday morning in June and enjoy their well-thought out, wonderfully cooked breakfast menu for less than a tenner.

Read my ‘Battle of the Bettys on Betty’s Birthday’ post and review of all six of the Bettys branches across Yorkshire. CLICK HERE

With thanks to Bettys in Ilkley for the lovely breakfast.

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