RECOMMENDATION | Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom Live

8th May 2019

Why I love it:

The Ben and Holly Little Kingdom Live was a perfect way to introduce your little one to the theatre and get away from the usual soft play and parks.


Worth paying a babysitter?

One for parents too. On the plus side you do get a small break from parenting for an hour or so….



To enjoy it more than you think and spend £4 for a balloon on the way out.


Value for money:


£30 for one parent and a 2-year-old is pretty steep and really only entertains for a couple of hours. But the production value is great and worth it for something different.


Ben and Holly

As we sat there in a theatre slowly filling up with giddy children waving flashing fairy wands and filling up on sweets and ice cream I suddenly had a small panic – was this going to be terrible? Could my 2.5-year-old sit through it without causing a scene? Was the entire performance going to be drowned out by the chorus of a thousand crying babies? But as the familiar Ben and Holly introduction played through the hall, the curtain lifted and a pair of excited eyes lit up, I knew we were going to have a great time.

It was a ‘Stag Do Weekend’. You know the one, it starts on Friday morning and ends on Monday and leaves you with a newfound respect for single parents and appreciation for your partner. Worse still, it was due to rain the entire time which meant the usual parks and walks were out of the picture. Eager to avoid a solo parenting weekend of indoor games and TV – or worse yet – the playdough being cracked out – I booked the Ben and Holly Live show I’d had my eye on for a while. I paid just less than £30 for an adult and child ticket, which was a little steep, but the sheer novelty of going to the theatre and experiencing something new made it worth it.

Ben and Holly

My son is 2.5 and I’d say this was the first time he was really able to enjoy something like this. And he really did enjoy it. I did too. I love Ben and Holly – it’s the perfect antidote for parents who have seen every episode of Peppa Pig but still want something with a few little adult jokes thrown in. Sadly the live action characters weren’t voiced by the real actors, but my little boy definitely didn’t notice. He didn’t notice ‘Ben’ could have probably done with a more supportive bra for the dancing scenes either so they got away with a bit of artistic license.

All in all, we had a great time, the duration is perfect for little ones, with two 30-minute acts and a 20-minute interval so enough time for toilet trips and a bit of a break. Upon leaving the – what looked like they were going to be  free – balloons were £4 and the parent guilt was real so we went away with one, which lasted the car journey home until deciding to fly off into the distance as soon as I opened the car door. You win some you lose some.

To find out more visit:  http://www.benandhollylive.com/tour.php



This is a Girl About recommendation. This means that it was not gifted in return for a review but paid in full by out writer and the venue had no idea that I was there. We only recommend places we absolutely love, and places that we know you’ll love too!


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