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RECIPE | World’s Tastiest Fish Dish

I was hungover when I was first introduced to this recipe. It was the morning after a raucous wedding and Hubby and I were having a full, grilled breakfast with friends. I mentioned I was cooking for some close friends the following week and it was then, in that moment that a wonderful friend suggested a dish she’d encountered; a fish recipe. It has morphed over the past ten years and been tweaked here and there and now, finally, it’s ready to be sent out into the world to change lives!

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RECIPE | Chicken, Chilli & Sweetcorn Soup

My mother gave me this recipe some years ago now. I have no idea where she got it from, I just know that it is a delicious, easy and healthy dinner that Hubby and I enjoy at least once a week. Nutritious, as spicy as you want it to be, full of goodness (apart from one knob of butter) and really filling. It may only be a soup, but it packs a punch and is guaranteed to fill you up.

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MENTAL MONDAYS | Dementia & My Crazy Mum

My mother’s mental health was always delicate. I say this now only because I can see it looking back through an adult’s eyes; a mother’s eyes. I certainly didn’t see it at the time. Growing up, she was just Mum. Strict, occasionally emotional and at times, challenging. She was highly opinionated and fiercely protective of her brood (my older brother, me and my sister). She could be emotionally erratic and never suffered fools, almost to the point of being embarrassing to a young child or teenager, struggling to find her place in the world.

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MENTAL MONDAYS | Insomnia & Me

I have never considered myself to be someone who suffers with mental health problems. Then the other night, Hubby suggested I might need to ‘see someone.’ He’s not usually so concerned about my emotional welfare, but apparently having heard me crying in my sleep for most of the last week, I am starting to upset his natural sleeping pattern. Or as he so kindly puts it… I’m doing his head in!

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