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GREAT GIFT IDEAS FOR HIM | He’ll love this mystery foodie tour of Leeds if he loves his grub!

It was a great way to see parts of Leeds you might otherwise miss on your daily commute. We had some delicious and varied food choices accompanied by some nice drinks along the way. I’d genuinely be so happy to get this as a Christmas present. I always imagined food tours might be a bit pretentious and maybe not the kind of thing my other half would enjoy, but this wasn’t at all. The type of food offed, as well as the beers, sampled definitely kept him happy!

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REVIEW | Comptoir Libanais – Great Lebanese Grub in Leeds

My other half and I were kindly invited to try to new Comptoir Libanais new cookbook menu ‘Feasts from the Middle East’, which shares recipes from Tony’s childhood, handed down to him by his mother, the source of all his inspiration. 30% of the menu is now vegan and over 55% of the menu is vegetarian and we found there to be a huge choice for meat-eaters, veggies and vegans alike.

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REVIEW | Gaucho, Leeds

The thought of a delicious rare steak with my favourite blue cheese all washed down with a full-bodied red was getting me all hot under the collar. Or maybe that was the fact that I was in the early stages of pregnancy…! My dream meal was staying just that.  On the plus side, I knew my companion would fully partake in my aforementioned dinner of choice, so it gave me a good opportunity to try out what else was on offer.

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RECOMMENDATION | A Visit to Bolton Abbey in The Yorkshire Dales

As we descended down to the banks of the River Wharfe at Bolton Abbey on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales, it truly felt like we had gone back in time. Not to a time when monks roamed the old Abbey – and they most certainly did before Henry 8th had his way, but to my childhood when summers were filled with fresh-air-filled family days by a river, basking in the sunshine, bathing in the water and playing on the makeshift beach. Long before the X Box and the Nintendo Switch.

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REVIEW | Christmas in Leeds – My Top Three Kid-Friendly Attractions

Kids these days have got it made. Gone are the days of queuing to see Santa in a mobbed, sweaty shopping centre and in its place are festive experiences we could only have dreamt of as children. And yes, Christmas does seem to arrive earlier every year, but it’s much more than just one day now and suddenly five weekends just don’t seem enough time to fit all of the festivities in! Now we’re properly into December and have truly embraced the spirit of Christmas and better still – I’ve had a chance to sample some of the best events in Leeds.

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REVIEW | Dakota Deluxe, Leeds – The Hottest Festive Menu in Town

We are, happily, very spoilt for choice when it comes to food in Leeds. The recent trend for street food, small, casual plates and informal, cool settings has give rise to a whole new dining experience – perfect for date nights and meeting friends. But do you know what? Sometimes you want shiny. Sometimes you want dark, romantic, upmarket and a little bit special. And when more so than at Christmas time?

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