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RECOMMENDATION | An Aerial Yoga Class – Week 1

I have had some bright ideas in my time, unfortunately, I am the sort of person that if someone says do you want to do something I will probably say yes, regardless of what it is.  I have been seeing lots of posts on social media about an aerial yoga class that has been running in the area and one night (and one bottle of wine down), my cousin and I decided it would be a great idea to give it a go.

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PARENTING | Travelling with Kids

It’s coming up to holiday season; when your social media feed is full of shots of legs around the pool but if you are on holiday with toddlers (three of them in my case) you won’t get a chance to sit down for 5 minutes to take a photo of your legs. So here are my top tips for travelling with young children.

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REVIEW | Matfen Hall Hotel, Northumberland

For me (and I think the whole of social media) it was a long, long, long Christmas. My husband worked away for Christmas so our celebrations began in November when he was home and during that time we ate all the food and drank all the wine. By the time my husband went back to work on the 10th December I was all Christmassed out and was approximately 80% Sauvignon Blanc

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How many times do we use the word stressed in our everyday vocab? How often is something stressing you out? Daily, hourly? How many job interviews have you had where you’ve been asked how well you work under pressure or to explain how you dealt with a stressful situation. Stress has become absolutely ingrained in our lives but when does it become a problem?

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